some games for my 6 almost 7 month old

  • I have a 22 month old and a almost 7 month old and i also babysit another little boy who is a week younger than my youngest. What are some games I can play with them to help develop the skills they should be. My youngest talks more than my oldest right now, so I see from the milestone he is doing pretty good, the Baby I babysit lives with his aunt and grandmother. He lost his mother a week after he was born from child birth complications and in beginning of dec just lost his grandpop he was also living with. His dad only comes around on weekends and the grandmother spoils him like crazy! he is constantly needing so much attention or he'll cry for the whole day I have him. Please some advice!!!!

  • How fun that your baby has a playmate! I was looking around for something along those lines and I found an article from the NAEYC that had some great tips. They suggested playing with interactive toys that make noise or lights or move in response to baby poking it or something. They also recommended interative games like "This Litle Piggy." I would imagine they would love anything you could do with a song and peek-a-boo.

  • I was always looking for things to do to keep my little boy busy!! BabyCenter has some great stuff on their website that has activities to do with your babies for each month old they are. I would jump ahead sometimes and go back to the younger months sometimes depending on what they can do. Check it out!