Help! I've got the Potty Training Blues

  • My son is 2 ½ and by all accounts ready to potty train. I plan to let him watch plenty of potty training videos and then let him “go commando” for a few days until he gets the hang of it. Yet even though I know that it will likely just be one “bad” week…I find myself dragging my feet to get it started. How have you potty trained your child? How do I get myself motivated to begin such a “messy” task

  • We have had great struggles potty training our 3-year old. She has been "ready" for 6-9 months now, and despite some progress week to week, she re-lapses into being very needy about it. We have gone through all the conventional tactics and tried to make it work in many ways, but she still only tinkles on the potty irregularly, and almost never poops there. We are trying to keep at it, but it gets very frustrating. I hope you have better luck than we have!

  • I know it's messy but I definitely am a proponent of using training underwear instead of disposables when he's not commando. My son's daycare teacher mentioned to me that she noticed it's easier for them to feel when they start to have an accident in those than the 'sposies and they seem to train faster.