Independecne from pacifier

  • Our second child is two and she is heavily reliant on her pacifier. By age two, we had her older sister independent and free of a pacifier, but now we are facing a tougher challenge. Does anyone have any advice on how to encourage a child to abandon the pacifier?

  • Pacifiers offer children a sense of comfort.  They are like any other tool that children and adults use for comfort, and the only real way to get rid of one comfort mechanism is to find a new one that works as well.  Thus, make a list of the things that you offer your child to comfort him when he is upset.  Can you offer him a soft blanket, a stuffed animal or a snuggle on your lap instead?  It will take time for him to grieve the loss of his binkie, but he can do it.

    Let us know how it goes,


  • I hear all about the Paci Fairy and mailing them off to her while giving the child a gift the next did you do it with your first? I'm going to be facing the same thing in a few months!
  • With our first it was actually by accident... we lost her paci on the way to a vacation, and she just dealt with it. We had one relatively rough night, and that was it... she never went back.