What do you look for in a membership program?

  • I love signing up for brand benefit programs, like StrongMoms. I find the information valuable, the community engaging and the coupons beneficial. But, I have friends who sign up just for the discounts and other friends who won’t sign up because they don’t like getting emails. What are the things you look for in a membership program?


    One thing we learned early on with our first is that babies are expensive, and they certainly don’t get any cheaper as they grow up. What are some of the ways you try to save money while still giving your kids the best you can? http://value.similac.com?utm_source=SMMB


    I’d say that I, like most moms, am a very cost-conscious shopper. I like to clip coupons and get the best deals. But, I also like to stick with the same brand. If the product you typically use increases its price and you can get a competing product cheaper, do you switch? Price is usually one of the top reasons I’ll switch brands. -- Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Well i typically don't sign up for programs like this... As i'm pretty anti-social. (I know it's hard to believe with me because i'm pretty out spoken and talk A LOT). However, I received a packet about strong moms in my initial OBGYN welcoming packet during my first appointment and decided to check it out. The forrums were very relaxed and people were not judgemental on them and seemed to speak freely on whatever the subject at hand was. The money saving offers were a HUGE plus for me since i knew that if breastfeeding didn't work out i was going to be feeding similac to my daughter. So i gave the site a shot and was happy i did. I have signed up for papmers and huggies for the rewards, but even with their rewards system their diapers are too expensive and not hypo allergenic for my little girl who seems to have a chemical sensitivity. SO those sites didn't last long with me. I must say that the thing i like about Huggies site is you can donate your points to help diaper a child in need (That's where all my points went). Sas far as not wanting to get emails is concerned my fiance and I have a seperate email account for sites that want email addresses for this that or the other. That way we minimize the spam in our regualr email and it's not being clutteredup with junk mail and offers.

  • Good to know! We are always trying to find ways to improve the experience here at StrongMoms and value your feedback! Thanks for sharing. :-) 

  • I really like the e-newsletter that is sent each week noting what to expect at each stage of development. I also find the baby journal app extremely helpful.

  • DP_nyc: I love getting information that is useful and helps you know what to expect! Glad you are able to use our app too - thanks for sharing!