Comparing Brands

  • I like sticking with trusted name brands, but sometimes it’s hard to compare. How do you compare name brand baby products to make sure you’re getting what you want?


    How closely do you pay attention to price AND quantity when purchasing products? Sometimes when I’m shopping in a hurry, I’ll just grab the product at the lower price. Then, the next time I’m shopping and look more closely I realize I can get a different product at the same, or lower, price but with more product in the container. I need to pay attention to how much I can get and the price. Have you found yourself in the same situation?


    When it comes to infant formula, my wife and I are always trying to balance good quality with the best price. I’ll admit that we scour the Internet for the best deals and information on what’s best for the kids. Here’s a great resource that compares Similac and Enfamil How do you make sure you get the best for baby at the best price? -- Chris, Strongmoms Facilitator

  • I try to look at quantity and price at the same time. I will see sometimes that the larger items are not always the most economical...and then sometimes they are. You have to be on your toes when you are in the store!!! 

  • It depends on what i'm shopping for. There are some things that i am particular about as far as the brand i buy. But for the most part i find myself shopping at walmart for a lot of things to save a buck, and on their price lables you will notice a little yellow or ornge box. That is the price you are paying per oz, unit ect.. I typically use those little boes to narrow down my options.