strong mom ?

  • I signed up to get the 329$ in benefits but  i haven't received any coupons, samples, etc,. like they say vs. the enfamil 250 which ive already received their samples.......whats up with that ?


    sorry for bad typing holding my squirmy baby

  • When i signed up it took about a month or so to receive my first package of similac samples and a welcome pack that came with it. Then from there i would periodically receive timed coupons. The coupons are dated to be used within a specific time period, but they are timed well; Or atleast they were for us. I don't know exactly when you signed up, but be patient. Similac is a great product and has a great support team. They have always been prompt in addressing any concerns I have had and have been genuinely interested in hearing new ideas to make their products better.

  • Sorry to hear that you haven't gotten what you were hoping for! Was there any contact information when you signed up - a phone number or email address? Perhaps you can get ahold of someone and confirm your registration.