Babies R Us Registry Deal!

  • Babies R Us has an amazing deal going on right now – you guys have to check it out! If you complete your baby registry with Babies R Us anytime between now and November 15th, you will be eligible for up to $200 dollars for purchases made from your registry! What do you have to lose? You were probably planning on signing up for that registry anyway, so why not try to get some extra money out of it? Good luck!! –Julie, Strongmoms Facilitator

  • Thanks Julie... I am proud to say we are now expecting our 5th (and final) baby in May and on your advice we just did a  Babies R US registry because we need to upgrade some of our more worn items after the other 4! 

  • Awww - yay!! Congrats on your baby on the way! So exciting - I hope you get some of those registry items so you can get some extra cash. Anyone could use that! Thrilled for you and your family. :-)