Afraid of scaring the baby

  • kay well, i love listening to metal and all kinds of rock genres and i am also a Tim Burton fan so i got some crazy posters and some of my own stuff that i painted hanging all over my walls. The problem im running into is i'll be sharing the room with my baby girl in a couple of months. will my baby be afraid of my room? should i take my stuff down? i mean there's no gore or violence in it but im still concerned.

  • You have a while before you have to start worrying about it.... You will find that you will eventually have to sacrifice the music they like for the music you like, but that's being a parent!

  • strangedreamer- I think there will be some comprise ahead. I hope that you will hold on to some of that music that you enjoy, as we often use music as a comfort, as a way top get hyped up or calmed down, as a way to relate to others and also as a way to define ourselves. I think it's going to be important to hold on to some of this. That being said, you are going to change some as you go through the months of pregnancy and then welcome that little person into your life. Having her will change the way that you look at things as well as the way that you feel about yourself and define yourself. With this you may start enjoying additional types of music, and you may change in the way that you decorate your room. One of my favorite images is my best friend dancing with her 2 year old to Lady GaGa. Her 2 year old LOVES some of her music, and in that way it's fun to see both of them relate to each other through music. Your going to be a great mom, and I hope you will share the process with us. -Jess
  • Tough call! I think you can certainly enjoy your music and taste in art, etc. but you may have to not have it so front and center when your baby comes. I'd just keep the music at a soft listening level and you probably will be playing some soothing/baby music at times as well. As for the art and pictures, maybe you have make the area where she will be sleeping a special place with some great black and white pictures that she would like. Babies love to stare at black and white images because their eye sight is still developing when they are born. I don't think you have to start decorating your room in all pink but you might just think about how to make her world a safe and calm place. You will do wonderfully, I'm sure, since you are already thinking about her comfort. :-)
  • @ dad thank god i dont hav to give up metal! i can listen to classical music. love that too @ jess: ugh lady gaga? :6 oh well for the little one i'll sing with Justin beiber to make her smile :) @ pedinurse: thas a great idea! will she do better with graphic paintings or just simple shapes and such. will gather lots of canvas paper:D thanx guys

  • I'm glad you seem to get some good ideas already for how to balance being yourself with being a mother. It is a tough tightrope we all walk. Good luck and let us know how it goes.


  • Anything with clean black and white lines will do the trick for babies, I would think! What a great gift to your little girl to paint her those paintings!

  • Sounds like you got some great ideas from others on the boards! Very cool. and on the lady gaga-that's my friend not me, so i hear ya ;). Keep us posted! -Jess