Ways to earn extra cash

  • I need more money! Who hasn’t said this before? There are many reasons why moms and dads may need extra money. It could be the loss of a job, unexpected bills, an increase in cost of living, or it might be that you just want some extra fun money. Whatever the reason, there are many different ways to earn extra income without getting a second job. I always keep an eye out for work at home opportunities, while my husband works a little overtime when the budget gets tight. I know many women who sell cosmetics or other products. How do you earn extra income when needed?

  • My husband and I both work full time but with offsetting schedules so that our son is not in daycare.  I realize that's not always feasible but that is one less expense to worry about.  We also do not eat out unless we have to or unless we're celebrating something special, which save a TON!

    Any time it's available and fits into our schedules we take overtime.  So on Sundays when my husband is home with the baby I will go in an hour or two early if possible and/or stay an hour or two late.  It's not much short term, but in the long run over a couple of months is stacks up.

    Also, we work for Complete Music which is a mobile DJ company.  It's only whatever Friday and/or Saturday nights that we have available, so if we're busy we don't have to worry about it.  On a Saturday night I can make 200 dollars in tips from a wedding reception for a 6 hour show, plus getting paid $11.00/hr.  It's a great way to suppliment our monthly income and we're able to put money into a savings account for our son.

  • I would like to hear of more ways to earn more money.. My boyfriend will sometimes clean up cars on the weekend for a friend of his that plans on selling them..  So when he needs a car cleaned he sometimes will pay $75 -$100  depending on how dirty it is...  I couldn't imagine paying someone that much myself but hey we need the extra money!  lol  But that's one way and most the time if I get the chance to help he will often split the money with me just for 'ME' money! 

    But I would love to hear more ways!

  • Depending on your skill set, part-time work from the home is always the ideal situation to earn a little extra money and keep your budget in the black. In this electronic era, people who have writing skills or can work doing things like data entry can often earn extra cash in front of their computer in their own home. This is great for a parent of a young child, because the schedule is often extremely flexible and you don't require a sitter or daycare.

    The myriad of job search sites online have part time listings and many of these are telecommuting jobs, so that's where I would start. Good luck!

  • Hi! I do on-line tutoring for some extra money. It pays $10 per hour, wich is okay because I can watch my little guy in the same time.