Alone Time

  • One of the most difficult things about having three daughters is that it has significantly cut down on quality time I can spend with my wife. Besides being intimate, what are some things you like to do with your significant other when you are able to get a night to yourselves?

  • Well I am a mother of three.  Im 27 and have two 5 year old boys and a 4 month old.  Im a manager at a resturant and my fiance works there as well, we can't work the same shifts bc its almost impossible to find a babysitter who can stay until 3 in the morning so most of our days consist of him leaving for work at 10-5 me going in from 5-3am about 6 days a week.  We may have one day to ourselfs and by ourselfs i mean with the three kids.  the only "alone" time we have is at 1:00 in the morning...however...we try to talk on the phone as much as possible and when we do get some time to just it an enojoy eachother we basically just relax and watch movies.  its kind of hard espically with 3 kids so i feel your pain, every now and than we'll try and work together so atleast that way we can see eachother but anytime together is better than no time together

  • It's a hard adjustment! We have three girls under 4 years, and my wife and I both teach. We get home and immediately go into parent mode. By the time everybody is asleep and the chores are done for the next day, it's 11 or 12 and we are beat with a 5am wake up the next day!

  • Sometimes it is hard to get a babysitter all the time, so my husband and I often do "movie night". We make a point to put the kids in bed early and then we make cookies and watch a new rental movie. It gives us a chance to snuggle on the couch while watching a movie and not feeling "guilty" about paying a babysitter. Then we save our babysitting time for when we want to go out to  party or to a nice dinner. Good is difficult bu`

  • I don't like paying for a babysitter all the time, so my husband and I make a point to plan a "movie night". We get the kids in bed early and then sit down and watch a new movie and snuggle on the couch. Then we don't feel guilty about paying for a babysitter and we can save our babysitting time for when we want to go to a party or to eat a nice dinner. Hope this helps. It's difficult but worth it!