Support childs father is in another state.

  • Im in a long distance relationship with my childs father and its becoming so hard for me to express to him how I want to be in the same city.. He has a great job but their wouldnt be any employment for me where he is located.. He is a college football coach and I am a subsitute teacher.. The money is worth the move it would cause me to soley depend on him.. And now I think its causing me to push away.. HelP. I think its the hormones that have me so over dramtic about it..

  • NewMomma- I loved your last sentence as you are right-hormones can sure take us from a 0 to a 10 in emotions in a matter of seconds. This sounds like a tough situation though-hormones or not. Is this a permanent living arrangement? Or are things going to change once the baby is born. I can tell you and many of the moms and dads here tell you tht you need that extra person to help with a newborn, and a new momma. Sounds like some job hunting might be a really good idea! Take care and kee! Keep us posted! Hugs, Jess
  • Hi NewMomme-

    Tough situation! Do you think that this relationship is going to end up being permanent or are you just testing it out still? I think if you two are really going to attempt to make it work together, it's pretty hard to do that from a distance. You might call around in his area and see what the job market is like for you before going. If you are not sure that this relationship will work, then maybe you ought to hold onto your place where you are and discuss this with your child's father. Hang in there...emotions run high when you are pregnant and it's a tough time to be making big decisions. 

  • I guess before you move to where he is you do have to ask yourself (and your baby daddy) what is the legitimate chance that your relationship is going to work out. You can't be stuck in a town with no job and no partner. If there is a good chance it can work, then make the move. Apply for a sub position in the new district and look for any part-time or telecommuting jobs you can find in the meantime. It's not ideal, but candid communication is needed between you and your baby's father.

  • newmomme, i would have to agree with answerdad, think about the odds to if you truly think the relationship will work since you will have to rely on him for everything. from personal experience it would be extremely hard to have to up and move all of a sudden if it didnt work even more so with a child. what if maybe you save up money and he threw in some money and you got your own place  maybe just somewhere closer where you could actually find a job? best of luck to you!

  • Thanks everyone! Well to start I hate the term "baby daddy" so the father of my child and I have an awesome relationship just been so independent that I am second guessing the move.. at least until I have a RING!!..:) My boyfriend location is a very small town population about 400 and nothing is there but the college he is employed.. so thats what looking for a job would get me.. then would would watch my little sunshine.. I dont know anyone there.. or trust anyone.. but I do believe that my LOVE and I will be together forever.. Ive met my mister right.. Thanks everyone I'l keep you guys posted with what we decide to do in the future.. Yes

  • NewMomme- so glad to hear you and your child's father have such an awesome relationship! Is there a town that is near his current location that has a few more people/opportunities that you could BOTH relocate to? Maybe if he commuted a little bit, you would both be able to be in a place with a higher population and more schools so that you could be a substitute in the school system. Just a thought!