Sleeping Routine

  • With three girls under four years old, we struggle to get our girls into a routine for bedtime. Our older girls are used to us staying with them until they fall asleep, but with three, we obviously can't be everywhere at once. For parents with multiple young kids, what are the keys to your routines?

  • Man you hit on a pretty hot topic in our house right now. We have 3 children who go to sleep very well and one who does not. So we put the "non-sleeper" in his own room. Every night for bedtime I put on some soothing music or a story on tape and then let the other 3 listen to that while they watch their aquarium...they're usually out quickly. The non-sleeper requires a lot more personal attention. :(

  • We have two girls in our house. A three year old and a six month old. My six month old started sleeping through the night at about eight weeks. My three year old however, will fall asleep on her own but wakes up several times throughout the night. We have tried getting her a night light and stuffed animals to sleep with  but she is still waking up at least twice a night. Her reasons vary, including but not limited to "Will you tuck in my stuffed animals?" "I don't know why I'm awake." "I just wanted my daddy." "Will you cover me back up?" "Can I come sleep with you?" and "I'm not tired anymore." I'm not sure what to do to get her to stay in bed. 

  • Well i only have one shes 8 month now . But i did lots of babbysitting for 2-4 kids. And what i did is when it was getting time for bead i will turn light off and turn on a lemp. and have them seatting watching quaet tv show for 20 min then i have them all in one room and it will be better if you go to the little one room like that they will be in there bed. and you read them a book. and when they go to sleep you can trensfer older kids in to there rooms because for the older kids the will have no problem going back to sleep.

    sorry englesh is not my first .i hope it helps you