• My baby is almost 4 weeks old and I will be returning to work soon. How do I manage trying to get ready in the morning and working with his schedule? I feel guilty if I get in the shower while he is in his crib in case he wakes up. I need some advice please!!!

  • 3Johnsons-Congrts on the new baby! I can understand that you are a bit apprehensive about morning routine.  It might help to try a couple of "dry runs"-plan a breakfast with a friend or a morning trip to the grocery store at the time that you will have to get to work by.  I think that it is just fine, more than fine, for that baby to stay in his crib while awake.  You can certainly play some music for him to keep him company.  So long as he is safe it is just fine.  I also wonder if daddy can help in the morning at all?  Maybe give these things a try and let us know how we can help frm there based on how things go,

    Good luck!


  • I find that getting my daughter up in time to feed her before I get ready helps. She is 4 months old. I feed her then put her in her swing, chair, or on the floor to play before I get in the shower and get ready. That way I get cuddle time before workBig Smile. Trying a dry run is helpful to like jess said.