losing the baby belly

  • hi everyone!

    I need dome suggestions to try to get my belly back. after the first three i went back down to my normal size but after the last two boys my belly is kind of a war zone. any tips would be appreciatedSmile

  • This is a good question and a rather popular one around here-how to loose the weight or to reshape after having children.  I hate to say it but the best way to loose weight or to reshape as we all know is to eat less and move more.  It's slow, painful, and not much fun....but for long term results it certainly works.  I think the biggest thing is that it has to become a life style change.  It's pretty hard for a body to keep a new shape if you have crash dieted and then go back to normal eating.  It leaves the body a bit confused and overprotective of itself-thus it starts holding on to weight.  Be kind to your body, offer it regular meals and snacks move it in ways that feel good, and your body will be kind back to you.

    I know i didn't offer any great fast weight loss or fast shape down, but I think this is the way that is most likely to offer you long term success and long term health.

    Keep us posted on how things are going,



  • One of the best things to target that lower abdominal area is to do reverse crunches. Look it up online and see how to do them. If you watch your diet and eat healthy foods and add some reverse crunches in there with some walks, hopefully you'll see some change. Let me know how it goes!