new to the community, & second time mommy!


    My name is Brittany, I am almost 20 years old. I have a 3 year old daughter named Rylee, and she is my little princess. I will be 21 weeks tomorrow with my little boy. I plan on naming him Landen. I'm going to Herzing Univ taking online classes for Medical Insurance Billing & Coding. I am engaged, and i'm not sure when i'll be getting married,  but i'm hoping it's sometime within the next year. I have been with my fiancee for 3 years now, and this will be our first child together. Rylee unfortunately isn't his daughter, but he treats her as if she is. He has been in her life longer, and more than her own father. I am looking forward to meeting, and talking to you all. Any advice on getting my little girl prepared for her little brother would be great. I have been doing all that i can. She talks to my belly, feels him kick, goes to most dr appts, they both buy each other gifts, and i try to spend as much time with her as possible. she seems to be just fine and excited to have a new brother, but i am a bit nervous of how it'll be once he is actually here. I don't want her to feel left out at all.  Thanks everyone, <3

  • Brittany-

    I want to be the first to welcome you to the boards.  I think that you will find this a great place to meet other mom's, get and give support and ask important questions.  Take a look around and you will see that we have a board for toddlers and older children and this may apply nicely as you look help your 3 year old accept her new role of being a big sister.  You will also see boards for the issues most important to pregnant and new moms.  

    As far as your three year old it sounds as though you have already done some really positive things in order to get her prepared to be a big sister.  Talking to her about the baby and taking her with you to appts are great ideas.  It is also important that she knows how important her job as a big sister is.  You might look to getting her a baby doll that she can take care of when the baby is born so that she can rock, wrap and feed a new baby to.  Involving her in the care of her little brother will be important as well.  It can be her job to get you a blanket from the closet, or to talk to him while he eats, or...I'm sure you can think of other things she can do-to feel involved and important.

    Let us know how things are going.  

    Welcome to Strongmoms,


  • Thank you. I was actually planning on buying her a baby doll that she could practice on, and get a feel for when the new baby comes. As for the baby not being here now, she's doing a very great job at being a big sister, i'm just worried at how bad the jealousy can get once he's here. I don't want her to feel replaced at all. I've been reading a lot about trying to keep her involved, and how to prepare for when the baby is here. I already love this place, there is a lot of great conversations going, and everyone seems extremely friendly. I will definitely let everyone know how everything is going! Thanks for being so kind, and helping me out. I appreciate it.

  • Welcome to Strong Moms! Congratulations on your pregnancy. There are so many ways you can get her involved in the new baby! There are books about being a new sister, DVDs, and the baby doll idea is a great one. In addition, let her really feel like she is a part of it by letting her pick out a special outfit or bedding for the new baby. Once the baby arrives, let her help out as much as she can! Good luck and congrats!


  • Adding my welcome! So glad you are here and excited for your second child! I love that you are involving your little girl with your pregnancy. My friends have kids who loved their little baby dolls when the real baby came along. They were able to dress them and bathe them alongside mommy. It kept them feeling involved. Congrats to you guys - keep us up to speed on how it all goes!
  • Thank you! I have been looking at a lot of baby dolls lately for her. Trying to find one that does a lot, and one i know she would enjoy. I will keep everyone updated as to how things are going! I'm trying everything i can to keep my daughter involved because i don't want her to feel left out at all. Thanks again.

  • Thanks! I plan on having her help me do a lot. I asked her where she wants his crib to go since they will be sharing a room, and i got her and him these matching stuffed monkeys that she loves. I also have been having them pick christmas gifts out for one another. She got her brother something, and he got her something. Her birthday was in November, and for her present he also had gotten her something. and I was thinking of having her brother pick her out something for valentine's day. but i'm not sure about it yet. I just want her to be involved with a lot, and for her to not feel like she will be left out at all.