New To this site and frist time mommy<3

  • Hello, My name is Amber but everyone can call me AmberRose. I just found out i was preg in Nov and havent heard the heart beat or anything quite yet.but got doctors apportments one after the other.. the father of the baby is not in the picture.. but you now.. my mother did it.. i turn out well some what normal so i can also. my mother raise me to be strong..

    BTW. I'm 19 and live in Iowa.. yes the good old nothing but corn state!

    anywho. i'm prob going to have TONS and TONS of questions ... so if anyone what to add me or how ever you do this thingy.. (just learning)


    thank you soo much


    with love


  • AmberRose-

    I want to be the first to welcome you to the site.  I think that you find this a great place to come to get and give support and to get your questions answered.

    I love the optimism in your post.  When are you going to get your first ultrasound?  Are you going to find out if it is a girl or a boy?  I can imagine that you are pretty excited about that!

    I hope that you will continue to come to the boards.  I look forward to getting to know you better. :)


  • Hello I am Latisha. I am 23yrs old, from california. How far along r u? What is ur expected due date?  I am new to this site. i would like to add u as a friend but dnt no how yet. ha...ha...  Let me just say ur going to do fine with out ur boyfriend. Yes its extra help to have him there but if hes not around for what ever reason its ohkay. People raise their kid(s) alone all the time.  I just had a little girl in august. my boy friend and I are still in shock she really here. it takes some time getting use to cause its not just us ne more.  shes's tons of fun. she makes us laugh everyday. =D  I am happy to give u ne knowledge that i have. I also have 4 siblings. I am the oldest of a brother kevin(21), sister allie(20), sister morgan(13), and finally brother bud(11). So i had alot to learn over the yrs. unlike my boy friend who is just learning because hes the baby. But its like he was an only child. His 5 brothers and sisters were grown up and moved out of the house when his parents had him. Hes 25 and they r all in there 40's and 50's. I am also still learning things as well. Just wait till u hear that little heart beat. it is so amazing. its like oh my gosh wow. 


    Oh and by the way ur name next to ur picture isn't spelled the way u want it. =)

  • im new to this site as well, my name is Sarah but everyone calls me Sephy. I have a beautiful five month old daughter named Allysin and would love to add you....but dont know how >_< 

    You are one strong lady for going through this alone, and I say that because I say it to my mom who raised three biological and 26 foster children on her own. As she would say 

    "It's one heck of a roller coaster ride, the up's are higher then the clouds and the low's go past the devil, but it's all worth it to see a smile."

    Motherhood is great, pregnancy is beautiful and scary as all heck. You will do great and i can't wait to hear where this takes you ^_^

    P.s. don't ever feel your being 'too much' these next few months, your pregnant so it's like it's your birthday, everyone has to be nice to you and you can cry if you want to ^_^