name choosing is very challenging

  • Ok so at first my husband and i chose out the name morgan naidean for our baby girl. Now we are thinking about melanie naidean, only to find out the meaning and have really strong second thoughts. How do you cone to an agrement on a name with your spouse??? Oh and this is my first day as member. Can sleep because of this anxiousness so i decided to sign up last minute.
  • Lilly-
    Welcome to the boards.  I'm so glad that you decided to join and jumped right in with really good question!  When you are having anxiety you may find that this is a really good place to visit.  You can post in regard to your anxieties and others can jump in to offer you some support and reassurance. :)

    So far as trying to decide on a name, and agreeing with your husband-you might propose to keep a list of names you like and then wait until you meet the little one.  It might be that once she is born one of the names seems right to you two right away.

    Keep us posted on how things are going!  Welcome to strongmoms.

    :) Jess

  • Baby naming is a difficult chore, but having gone through it three times, I am convinced the baby makes the name, and not otherwise. In my situation, my wife would talk about three or four names she really liked, and then would change her mind a few weeks later. So for our last two girls, I refused to discuss it until the third trimester! I am happy to say, we have three girls and we are very happy with their names!

    I like Jess's suggestion, but I have a cautionary tale... friends of our wanted to wait until after the baby was born and to meet the little one before assigning the name. Problem is, the new mom delivered via C-section and was still in la-la land when her baby son was brought to her. Her first cloudy impression was that the baby looked like his paternal grandfather and they agreed to name the boy Paul. When the drugs wore off, she said... "I have a son named Paul?"... she was not happy with the choice... so make sure you are not under the influence when you decide the name!

  • @ jess- thats what we finall did. We made a list of names and i came up with a name that his father can pronounce and one that has a really beautiful meaning. The name is melina claribelle. @ answerdad01- i really hope i dont have to go through a cesarian section. Even though it will be very difficult to have a natural birth without the epidural, i have heard stories from family saying they have spinal pain in the winter and that it is hard to bend. Almost 34 weeks and already starting to have minor contractions which my doctor is refering to as positioning contractions. Hopefully i will make it to 36 weeks to at least be conidered full term untill my little one comes.
  • I can understand not wanting to go through a C-section, but my wife went through three of them and even though the recovery was difficult, she has no lingering effects.

  • Know the meaning of the name.  Beware of trendy or odd spellings.  Go with your gut but use common sense.

  •      The name game can be very tricky everyone wants to help name your child from grandparents to friends. I am a mother of two boys and have avoided  either one of my sons having a name I did not  personally pick . Let me start with this on my mothers side of the family just about every persons name starts with an M and I wanted to carry on the tradition. I picked my first sons name out of a hat my husband and I had five names that we liked. My second sons name came from listing names on paper.  I allowed my husband to give my sons there middle names and once I approved it we narrowed My choices of first names.  GIVE AND TAKE IS THE KEY.  Your husband just wants to feel included. This method worked for me two times. Try it and see if you can make it work for you. Congradulations and Good Luck.