Husband on deployment. Felling so stuck!!

  • Hey everyone just looking for some support. My husband and i found out we were pregnant 2 months before he had to leave on his deployment to Afghanistan for 2 1/2 years. So now we have a 9 month old daughter that he has never physically seen. And they are wanting to extend his deployment. So im doing it all on my own. All of my family is out of state!! Sad

  • im sorry to hear that :( I dont have first hand experiance with this but I know if it were me this would be difficult. Have you looked into your locals mommy groups? for example, in my town the hospital where I had my daughter hosts a 'mommy's morning out' where moms of children 0 to 4 are welcome to come every monday morning for two hours to sit and chat and discuss whatever we want. Or look online for second hand stores for childrens things. they are usually great places to sit face to face with other moms who are more then happy to let you talk, give helpful tips and even meet other mom friends who can help you on a face to face basis. I only suggest this because I know I like face to face much beeter then a computer. And if none of that is helpful and you just need a friend then my name is Sarah Blackwell from Clermont Fl and my face book page is full of other mommy friends I chat with and we'd love to have you ^_^

  • ShakeWeightDiva-

    You are one strongmom!!  I am so sorry that you are having to raise your baby without your husband or other family near you.  Do you have friends that can support you while your husband is away?  It must be very challenging being a single mom while dad is away.  I had one mom tell me yesterday that "you don't know how strong you can be until you have to be strong".  I'm guessing that you can relate to this statement.  What do you do to keep your chin up during hard times?  I want to applaud the great job that you do!