my husbands life never changed

  • hello everyone my daughter is 9 months old almost ten and my life has changed so much i gave up everything  but my husbands life has not changed at all he still bowls 2 nights a week, goes fishing when in season and hunts all the time im home all day with our daughter and work on the weekends. he works monday threw friday and every other saturday so he is the money maker but sometimes i feel im the only one who puts wrk into our child. i have spoke to him about this and nothing has changed. what do i do now

  • do the same, tell him I'm going out ill be back later take care of the baby,and leave.My husband can also be very inconsiderate and leave me with all our kids care responsibilities (we have 5) while he watches tv all day.Speak up and take action, i do that,he then starts pitching in

  • Abbysmoma-

    I think that this is a very important concern and that you really need to talk to him about this.  It is often effective to voice your concerns using "I statements", such as "When you____, I feel____, I would like you to____"  This takes the blame away, plus it is hard for anyone to argue with how you are feeling.

    Keep us posted on how things are going,


  • thank u guys i sure will try i apprechiate the help