Baby names

  • Is there a baby name generator on this website?  If not, does anybody know some good websites to hunt for names?  I'm having a girl and would like to name her something unique!

  • I don't think there is a baby name generator on here but if you put a search into Google for baby name websites, you'll come up with tons of them! I hope you find something you like! 

  • The pregnancy planner I got from my doctor's office says there is but I haven't found it :(

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    Here are a couple that you may like.

  • Have you found any good baby names yet? What are you favorites?

  • My husband and I like naming babies after family. You can always find something unique if you look back into your family tree. Also, if you google the social security website they have a spot where you can type in baby names and it will rank it to let you know how popular it has been in recent years and continuing trends. It gives lists of the most common boy and girl names for 2010 and 2011 I think, maybe just 2010.

  • Family names are really special - I love giving my child a part of our heritage. Both my husband and I have an uncle named David and my father's name is David as well, so that is his middle name. We plan on doing something similar for our next child due in August. :-)

  • My wife and I debated long and hard about what to name our babies, and we were surprised with all three of our girls, which made it harder because we had to select both genders before they were born. Despite the fact that we debated up until the last minute, we have been very happy with their names. It has always been my philosophy that the baby makes the name, not the other way around. Good luck!