Please Help...

  • OMG...does anyone have any advice or  tips on how to get a newborn to sleep better and longer during the day so that I can get a break!!!??Crying  I am totally exhausted...

  • Newborns do what they want when they want, no matter our sleep patterns! The best advice is to find a supportive family member/friend who can come over to mind the baby for a few hours while you get a nap and a hot shower. Beyond that, expect your newborn to have erratic sleep patterns for the first couple of months. Probably not the answer you were looking for, but a babysitter is the only guarantee.

  • You can try several things like distinguishing day and night. Play during the day and at night dont play and keep lights low. Also try starting a routine like changing clothes and singing a lullaby or read a short story before bed. Also put the baby to sleep while he/she is sleepy but still awake. Those are the best things I can think of but I hope you find something to work for you. 

  • i went through the same thing recently. me and daddy took turns. i took over during the day and daddy took over at night. HOWEVER i learned after the fact after doing research online, not to let the baby sleep for more than one hour during the day and then pick a time to put him to sleep at night and dont wake him up. It works. Now my baby is 2 months old and i put him in day care. and it was the best thing i did. i went back to work from 9-5pm and when i pick him up i play with him until 9pm, give him a bath and bottle then off to sleep he goes until 7am!!!!!! Unreal right? I know. Good luck mommy. Big Smile

  • You have gotten some good advice and so I am wondering how things are going for you and baby....have you gotten any more sleep?  are things leveling out and getting into a routine yet?

    Would love an update!


  • Everyone is right, newborns are notorious for not sleeping well. Just make sure you pick a schedule and stay with it. Once you can get our baby on a schedule, then you can try and get some sleep. Your baby will also get better the older she is and more she eats. Good luck and let us know how you are!


  • Thanks for the advice guys, I really appreciate itBig Smile.  I found that my baby sleeps a little better after a warm bath and bottle....but I'm still exploring other optionsSmile, thanks again...

  • Make sure you pick a routine that works for you and stick with it. Also, many people mistakenly keep their baby awake longer during the day thinking that will help their newborn sleep better at night, but in reality it can backfire and cause your baby to sleep more fitfully. Make sure your baby is getting nice sleep during the day and try not to stimulate her too much during the night..just change her diaper and feed her in a dimly lit room. Hope this helps. 

  • youre welcome no worries it will get better