• hey everyone! i just wanted to make an update on how my baby girl and i are doing. my sweet, sweet julia is now 2 months old and loves to coo and smile at poeple. especially other kids or babies :-) she's a happy, healthy baby and can already identify my hubby and i as her parents....i think lol as for me, im doing good too. my tear has healed up nicely and no more hemroids (thank god) i'm taking a few zumba classes in attempt to getting back into shape. or at least try to anyway hehehe. i'm not too fond of my little pouch, but since im breast feeding, i've lost most of my weight already, but still not enough to fit in my old jeans sadly. i'm glad breast feeding has gotten easier over time, but i really don't think i can bear to do it for the first full year. it's super demanding and even very stressful at times. its also no picnic to pump, epecially if i have to in a public place and there's no way i can at work if i really need to when im not on lunch. i was thinking the first few months i'd breast feed then switch to fomula and freeze a lot of my milk to use even after i stop. she's not too crazy about formula ( i've given her similac of course lol staying true to the website) and i'm wondering what's the best way to ween her off the breast. though her doctor is putting me through a huge guilt trip for even considering it -_- she said that ,"if it's for my daughter, i'd do it (for her first year)" and that its the only way for her to get the FULL benefits of it rather than just going for a few months and stopping. now i kinda feel like im cheating her out of a good start. *sigh* other than that, things are great. leave any questions or comments and i'll be sure to answer when i can! thank you guys for listening!!!


  • It's great for those who are able to breast feed for a year or more, but it's not possible for many moms. I saw my wife break down in tears when one of her maternity nurses ripped into her for not nursing past four months. Do the best you can, but breast feeding, especially when you are not a stay at home mom is complicated and time consuming. Don't let ANYONE make you feel badly for how you choose to best feed your baby. Congratulations, as it sounds like you have settled in and have a happy, healthy baby.

  • Congrats on your new baby girl :) I would just continue doing what your doing then slowly switch to formula. Sometimes doctors are a little blunt with the things they say. However, you should do what works best for you and her not for your doctor. Wish you luck!

  • I'm so glad that you stopped by to give us an update!  It sounds like baby is perfect! :)

    I so agree with the others so far as you need to do what is best for you and baby.  From a physiological perspective any breast milk-and that can be from one day to one year is good.  So if you have gone this far that is great!

    Keep up the good work, and keep loving that baby,