Looking for mom friends.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I live near Austin! It is very hard dealing with loneliness after having a baby. I have 3 so unless my friends have kids, they don't understand that the kiddos come first and it is not easy to make plans with a baby.

  • thank u! it helps to console eachother during difficult times and share happy times too Smile 

  • i agree Big Smile

  • Wow, well I dropped out and got my GED. I will return to finish up with college when my daughter is a little older. I want to enjoy her now as a newborn. Are you still in school?

  • I live in Texas as well near Fort hood area.

  • i live near sacramento ca and i know ur feeling i only have one baby and shes just turned one and people just want ya to jump up and go places and they dont kno its not that easy too

  • Yea i had too since here in new york i cant find a trust worthy person to take care of my baby. Now a days w. so many things happening. Im waiting to atleast he is one yr old to leave him in care of a family member. Then try to go back to school. But its worth it cause im enjoying his development because he wont be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc months old for ever. Right now he's 2months and im loving itt.
  • well i never had many friends to begin with. my best friend actually had her babies befire my first was born, but we've always stuck together. my fiance on the other hand is the one who seemed to loose friends. not sure why though. good friends are hard to come by. we have found that it easier to be friends with other parents because they can relate more easily to having a baby and what it takes to care for one.