New Bab with a 2 years old

  • Ok im pregnant with my second girl.. i have a two year old little girl at home, what should i expect when mommy brings a new baby home?

  • It really does depend on your oldest girl and how she adjusts to life with a new baby. My kids did great, but I know some who have a harder time. Try your best to let your oldest know how special she is to you because she is a big girl and then let her know how much you rely on her help. This may help her feel less like her sister is taking her place. Having a second child will take some getting used to on your part as is a juggling act that takes time to perfect. Hang in there'll do a great job!

  • Congrats on your pregnancy.  I've heard of some mom's getting their soon to be big sister/brothers a babydoll that they can care for as mom cares for the new baby.  Also giving that big sib special jobs so that they can help can be helpful. Mommyrn4 had some great ideas!

    Let us know how things go,


  • jarmommytwo,

    How are you doing? When are you due? Is your little girl adjusting to the idea of a new baby? Let us know how you are....we'd love an update!

  • My 2 middle children are 20 months apart. At first everything went well but I made the mistake of not allowing my daughter to "help" when she would offer. That created tension that grew into total resentment of her baby brother.  Of course dad coming in from work and loving on the new baby first also was a factor.

    It's been a decade now and they still don't get along!

    I would definitely suggest a babydoll. They have baby alive dolls that actually eat and use the bathroom, I think one of those would have been very beneficial to my daughter back then.
    Now she is 11 (and a half!) and is THRILLED about having a new baby coming home.

    I was 19 months younger than my brother and we always had sibling rivalry growing up.

    I think the best thing you could do is watch for signs that the older child is getting jealous and take immediate action. Remember that she was there first and that she will have a harder time adjusting to the change than the baby will!

  • Hey all thank you for all your good advise :) my 2 year old is kinda adjusting as much as possible anyways she's starting to understand that the little bitty baby cloths dont belong to her and she's been giving my tummy kisses latly :) an update on my pregnancy is we're at anyway I'm already dilated and having contractions soo well see :) were just waiting for her to give the go ahead lol :)

  • I'm gld to hear that the sib is doing well and that you are all ready and anxious to meet that baby.  Do let us know how things are going.


  • Congrats! Sounds like your little one will be here soon! It is good to hear your little girl is adjusting. Certainly there will be periods of adjustment when the baby is home for good but things will smooth out and you will get into a rhythm before you know it!