Dad Gets Aggravated when Crying

  • So, it isn't a serious problem, but I was wondering. Do most dads have issues with the baby crying? Our little girl is almost a month old, and her daddy gets pretty aggravated when she cries. Do any mom and dads have advice? Thanks!! :)

  • Yes, many moms and dads get frustrated when their baby cries and they don't know how to help them. This frustration can lead to feeling helpless which can make dads in particular a little aggravated and tense. Try talking to your husband about why he gets so upset and encourage him to find ways to soothe his baby girl. This will help him feel more in control and less upset when she gets upset. Good luck.

  • yes my hubby do the same thing girl but i just remind him that babies do cry sometimes for no reason at all and most times its because they are hungry, tired, bored, need to be changed, want some attention or just want to be held but whatever the case is all babies do it so jus explain to ur hubby that newborn babies do that and find out why the baby is crying hope this helps


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  • I think that this is common and that it is rooted by helplessness on Dad's part.  A lot of people like to "fix" things.  I think that with a crying baby dad may not know what to do to "fix baby" and so he is having a hard time with the crying. What might help dad is helping him learn how to problem solve what might be wrong with the baby and then how to help baby feel better (stop crying).  

    Let me know how things are going,


  • How are things going? Did you get to talk with your husband yet? I hope he is coping with your new baby better by now. Let us know if we can be of help!

  • Thank you all. He's handling it better. I did talk to him, and he told me that her crying is at a pitch that his ears have a very hard time coping with. He talked to a close friend in our church family, and that seemed to help quite a bit.

  • Some babies really do have a shrieking and high cry compared to others. It's no fun! It seems, in my experience, that the pitch aspect of it seems to tone down a little bit with age. As you are able to figure out your baby's needs more easily when she is older, the crying becomes a little less hysterical. On the other hand, maybe we all just get used to it! :-p Anyway, glad to hear he has people he can talk to - that always helps.