Birthday Ideas For My son 1st Birthday!!!!

  • Hi everyone, my son will be one in a couple of months DECEMBER 5, 2012 to be exact and I want to do something special and big for him but me and my hubby have no ideas but CHUCKY CHEESE but I dont want to take him there SO DO SOME OF YOU FIRST TIME MOMS OR MOMS HAVE IDEAS PLEASE REPLY THANKSTongue Tied

  • I want to start by saying that i love your icon, so cute! Smile

    I went to a friend's daughter 1st birthday today and it was really fun!  Mom invited ll family, friends and work friends to come.  It was at her parents big house.  It was a pretty traditional party-light lunch/table buffet with visiting time and things for the little ones to play with.  Then presents in the living room and then cake-with a small cake just for the baby.  She just loved the frosting!  They had a curious george theme, very cute!  A good time was had by all.

    I'm interested to hear what others have done.


  • ok thanks

  • What is your sons name? My sons name is Nathan and for his first birthday we did a Nathan's hotdog theme.  I ordered Nathan's hotdog party hats and of course we bbq'd Nathan's hotdogs.  Since your sons birthday is in December you could decorate a christmas tree with cupcake ornaments and do a winter wonderland theme.  or you could always do construction them or the number 1 theme.  Let us know what you decide!

  • Is there a park near your house? You could have your party at the park and do an outdoor theme like the "Hungry Caterpillar". Or if there is a local carousel, then you could have a circus theme. We just had our first parties at our house with family and friends and it was so fun!

  • A 1 year old party is usually mostly about the adults and friends more than the birthday child because your son won't be old enough to really play games or do organized activities. For my son's first birthday, we took a theme from his favorite book, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". We had different colored balloons around for the kids to play with and a caterpillar shaped cake. We had the foods that the caterpillar ate in the book as our snack food. Mostly we just enjoyed sitting around chatting and having a great time with each others company. You could always try something from your son's favorite book that is similar to this! :-)

  • hi 911gal my son name is Carl and thank you so much for your opinion was very interesting but ill let you know what i decide  and the nathan hotdog theme sounded cool

  • hello mommyRN4  yes i do have a park a few  inutes away from my house but my son birthday is in december so its going to be cold so i want to be in doors but a house party sounds good too thank you

  • ok maybe i will do that i have alot of ideas from everyone but still thinkin but thank you for yiour opinion.

  • In a couple of months? That's almost 9 months away. I'm going to be 32 that month, so I don't want to think of it coming around anytime soon. You must be a planner. You have tons of time to plan!

  • Hope we were a bit helpful! Glad you got some different ideas. :-)