Lookinf for mom to be friends.

  • I am new to this site. I am looking for friends that are going to be a mom or who are moms. I am due OCT 2nd.


  • Hi!  Let me be the first to say-WELCOME to the boards.  I think you will find a lot of support and some good friends here.  Congratulations on your pregnancy.  One of the boards had a post about October Babies so you might search a bit for that.  My best friend had her daughter on Halloween!  What fun. :)

    I hope you will keep us posted as you progress through your pregnancy.



  • Hi, I am new to this site and saw your post, that is exactly what i was thinking....i would love to talk to a  mom or mom to be to just have a conversation once in awhile...i am here if you'd like to talk..I am 23, expecting my first child, due the 30th of this month!

  • Hi! welcome to the site!!! :) i am a mom of a 5 month old baby. he was born on the 17th of october! If ya have any questions please ask! congratulations on yur baby btw. :)

  • Hello i am new to these boards as well, Congratulations to you i have 3 kids my youngest is 11 weeks old i am here if you would like to chat back and forth.

  • Thank you for responding back to my post. I would like that.

  • It's hard to find people to talk to and stuff. This is going to be my first child too.

  • Hi,  I'm new too and looking for some friendly peer support.  I'm due Oct 13th with our first. 

  • I am to looking for some support and to make some new friends. Where I live at it's a small town lol.  do u know what you are having yet?

  • No problem i was once a new parent and it can get overwhelming at times but in the long run its amazing, each day is different by far and each child is no way the same as the other. It is also very good to have support so if you need to vent or just talk you can talk when i had my first daughter my husband was deployed down range and it was hard plus you add the first time parent and not knowing what the baby wants right away gets overwhelming but i thank the support from my friends and family and chatting online to other parents giving me advice when i had question its awesome to be able to talk to other parents. So do you know what your having ( Deannastevens ?)?

  • Proudmom2three - great advice. Often the first baby is really the most stressful because you are trying to figure it all out and it's such a dramatic change from life as you know it. Having a community around you to bounce things off of is incredibly important. Keep heading back here to vent, share, encourage, and support each other. :-)