Feeling a bit alone....

  • So I'm 27 and pregnant with my first child...so excited...just not excited about the fact the dad ended up being a jerk I don't want in our lives and the friends I had before kinda just fell off the radar...I have the best family in the world so the support from them has been amazing!!! But I miss going out to a dinner or the movies with someone else besides my family! Any moms out there feeling the same??

  • i like you am 27 and my daughter will be 7 weeks on friday. My fiance and I jsut moved states so neither of us have any family near us. He works anywhere between 50 and 60 hours a week and isn't home much so i'm sad to say he doen't get much time with me or our daughter except on the weekends. We have started to make friends however you will find with a new baby that there aren't many suitable places to go. and chances are you're going to be parinoid about where you do go and not have a good time. babies can be loud in general so it's hard to find someplace to go where people aren't going to be annoyed and bothered by a screaming baby. my advice to you would be to find someone you can trust to take care you your baby and every once in a while schedule some time to get out with a family member or a friend that hasn't abandoned you. another good alternative is a family moovie night, or board games. these alloow you to stay in and have a good time with those you care about and you won't feel guilty for leaving your baby.

  • You are not alone at all. I have friends who are single or married but no kids and really don't understand my life as a parent now. I'd encourage you to go places and find groups that cater to mothers and mothers-to-be. There are church groups, community center groups, groups that meet at the hospitals themselves, etc. Hang in there - I feel your pain!

  • You are not alone in this at all!!  I have a friend who has a beautiful baby girl, now a bit over a year old, and she has raised her without a bit of involvement from dad.  She has good support from her family/friends and that baby could not have more love than she has from this bigger family!

    I can also tell you that this board offers great support to many moms and dads who are raising their babies as single parents.  We are here for you 24/7 so do not hesitate to post.  I am here just about everyday, so please do post if you need encouragement, support or even to just vent.

    Take care, and no-you are not alone!


  • It is hard when something happens to completely change your life around. Although it sounds like you are better off without those friends and without the dad, it is still difficult to feel all alone. Try exploring groups in your area so you can meet other moms who may be in the same boat or who at least have children. Check out the Moms of Preschoolers in your church or rec center. There are moms there who have just infants and you can connect with some of them. Also, you could check out your local YMCA for stroller fit classes...when your baby arrives you can take those classes with your baby and get to meet some moms with babies as well. Talk to your doctor too about support groups in your area for single moms. There are so many out there! Good luck and let us know how it goes!