wow! I cant even believe that your husband is like that...he couldnt even move the damn play pen? he would've had to get cursed out by me! I am a mother of a 6 month old boyfriend and I live together with our son but we are not married yet.  He not only helps me with changing, bathing, playing, and feeding our son, but he helps with lawndry, and dishes, cooking, and cleaning! Now I know that I am blessed and that is rare to have a man that partakes in all of those activites, but your husband seems like he is not putting any effort into yor family!!! I truly do pray for your family because this is something that needs to change in order for you to live a happy life with him! Yes your child is important and you want to keep the family together but you also have to be happy! When did your husband start acting like this? Has he always been this careless?