• I am a first time new mom. 23 weeks along and scared. I don't know what i am supposed to do along the lines of finding a pediatrician for my baby and insurance as well. Is there any advice or tips that could help me out?

  • I'd encourage you to first of all find a list of pediatricians that accept your insurance. You can usually do this by calling your insurance company or going to their website. Once you have that list, narrow down the pediatricians that are relatively close to where you live. It's no fun to have a long drive to the doctor when your child is sick. After that, ask around about the pediatricians that your friends and neighbors most recommend. You can schedule an interview with that doctor you are interested in to see how you like their office and philosophy of care. Hope this helps a bit! 

  • Do you currently have insurance? If not, you need to talk to your employer or your husband's employer to see whose insurance plan the baby would be covered under. If you are currently uninsured, you can talk to Medicaid to see if you can get the baby covered under that. Once you know the insurance you have, you can ask them for a list of pediatricians in your area that are covered by your plan. good luck!