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  • Big Smile am a new mom and it was very hard for me to believe she was here does that happen or is that a sign of depression?

  • hi lucero, congratulations and welcome to strong moms!!! having a baby is a tough job, im a mother of two..4 and three weeks. i was 18 when i had my first baby and sometimes i cried because i my life had changed for ever!! you could share your new feelings to someone you trust to see if that releives your pressure. we are here for you, anything you need!!

  • hi and thank you for answering! i only have one and its kinda hard for me even if my daughter is now 3 months. i still kinda cant adjust on my new life style of being a mom. lol but i will be a super mom soon hopefully lol

  • of course you will be a super mom... just do your best!!

  • Just take it one day at a time, Talking to someone might help. Is there something in particular bothering you or is it just the reality of parenthood setting in? I'm sure you'll adjust soon enough. My daughter is 11 weeks tomorrow... I kind of fell into motherhood seemlesly, but then again i've spent a lot of my life taking care of others before myself so it really wasn't much of a transition for me.... she's just smaller than everyone else.

  • thank you!

  • i think its the reality of parenthood lol but as the days go by i feel better just being with her and finally being on my own like a family just made it better

  • I totally understand what you mean, I am a 28yr old 1st time dad of a 1mnth old boy. Everytime something wasnt right i felt there was something i could be doing better or something i did wrong. After enough people and doctors telling me that I was doing everything right i calmed down and now the best part of my day even a stressful one is laying down with my son on my chest and just looking at what a beautiful thing i created and how content he seems laying on my chest. I couldnt even describe the feeling I get from laying there thinking about his mom, him and I all growing together.Then thinking of when I was little that must be the feeling my parents had. Its better than any drink,drug or anything else people use to "self medicate". He truley is my world and now that i have him I cant imagine life without him. The only time that im bothered when he cries is when I know its pain or discomfort cry and its not that i get annoyed, its that I will lay him on my chest and rub his back/butt and it dont help he looks up at me i feel like he thinks its my fault hes in pain and it makes me cry a lil with him. Trust me im not a over sensitive crying type either. But for me atleast he is my reason for living and the most amazing thing ive ever been part of.


  • It sounds like there are a lot of parents here who can identify with exactly how you are feeling.  One thing that I want to offer is that change is VERY HARD, and it doesn't matter if that change is "good change" or "bad change"-it's still change and it's still challenging.  Your body senses change and it's hard on your body, then it's hard on your mind too!  What you are going through is some adjustment to a major change and I think it's very, very normal to feel confused, depressed, happy, ok, not ok-all in the same day.  Be patient and kind with yourself, and have some empathy for yourself around what a big deal this is.  With time things will get better.  However, if you are feeling depressed I think it would be worth talking to your doctor about.  Keep in touch with us!  Big hugs,  Jess

  • i know and i understand!!! its hard and sometimes its easy but its the best feelings ever! we as parents will never give it up!!!!

  • It was really hard for me to even believe my baby was mine at first! I thought I would cry and be all emotional when he was born but I couldn't even wrap my mind around the fact that this was MY baby. The first couple of weeks were hard and very exhausting. I found that as I got my energy back a little bit and my son started cooing and smiling that I felt much more like a mother. Even going to the pediatrician and identifying him as "my son" was so odd! It didn't mean I didn't love him to pieces but it's just a huge transition. All that to say, you are quite normal. :-) 

  • that makes me feel good!! thanks

  • lucerokaren-

    I just want to check in with you and see if there is anything you are needing.  I know that things have been very up and down, and I'm hoping you are having more good days than bad.

    Let us know if you have questions or even if you just need to talk.  We are here for you.