• Ok, here is aquestion for all of you... What kind of contraceptives after delivery did you used??

    I will start contraceptives on my next appointment (june 5th), i have always used the pill, but other moms recomend me the shot every three months. Any experience about this??

  • Somebody told me that  those shots every three months will make me gain weight, is that true?, any advice!!

  • I decided not to go back to the pill... Not while Hazel is still so young. I can't even remember to take my vitamins every day so i'm certainly not going to remember that pill on top of everything else. I was told that was a very wise decision because my doctor would regularly deliver a baby then the mother would get back on the pill and be back a few months later pregnant again because she forgot to take it. My doctor and I decided on Mirena for me. So far I like it, but it does make me crampy from time to time and I didn't stop bleeding after I got it for another 4 weeks or so, but I have not had any other issues. Before you get it I recommend researching it. Some people claim to have major issues like severe pain and some of the husbands have complaints about the string that hangs through your cervix. not to mention that if you had a c section it's recommended that you don't get Mirena because you are at a higher risk of it tearing through the uterine wall.There is another IUD that is like Mirena but doesn't use progesterone to control your cycle. Instead it has copper I can't remember all of the things that it does but if I remember correctly you can keep it in for up to 10 years instead of the 5 like Mirena. We discussed several options like the Nuva ring, but I didn't like that it's such high maintenance not to mention 60-80 dollars a ring according to my doctor. we also talked about the shot but you have to go back for a visit every 3 months and if you decide to get pregnant again your chances of conceiving right away are very low. she said that it can take a while to regain fertility by going that route. So after all my choices were laid out ultimately I went with Mirena because my insurance covered it fully, I can have it removed whenever I'm ready and become pregnant right away, and I only have to have it checked once a year when I get a pelvic exam. so very low maintenance and a one time expense for me.... Have you talked your options over with your doctor yet? Really he or she is going to be the best person to lay out all of your options and inform you of all the pros and cons. I still recommend researching on your own so you'll be prepared as to what you might want and the questions to ask about any of the other options presented to you that you didn't know about. Happy choosing!

  • Prissy-

    As you know there are many options for birth control.  The shots (depo provera) are easy in that your doctor's office gives you the shot once every three months.  The benefits of the shot are that you do not have to remember to take them.  In about 60% of women after about three months they no longer get their periods.  As you mentioned these shots can cause some weight gain in some women.  The average weight gain is about 5 points.  Some gain more, some less.  The other thing is that these shots can cause you do loose some calcium, so if you are on the shots you will need to take a calcium supplement.  The last thing to know is that many women have some irregular light bleeding for about 3 months.  Other forms of birth control to consider are estrogen based pills, patch or nuva ring.  An Progesterone product to consider other than the shot is the IUD.

    Let me know if you have more questions.


  • One of my friends gained tons of weight on the shot and I had another friend who did not. I guess it just depends, me myself will be getting a IUD.

  • I have personally used the Nuva Ring because I am terrible at remembering to take pills every day! If you are looking for something where you don't need to remember something on a daily basis, consider asking your doctor about the pros and cons of the Nuva Ring. Good luck! 

  • Oh girls, thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences with me. Some of you recomended me the IUD and the nuva ring, I know those contraceptives works fabulously, but last year my doctor recomended me a biopsy because of my irregular pap results and that experience, for me, was horrible, so anything that need to be introduced makes me feel super incomfortable and a little scared. I was using the patch, but caused me regular horrible headaches. Now, Im not sure about those shots, Im worried abouth the weight. This morning I programed an emergency appointment with my doctor because this weekend I noticed that something  was wrong with my breasts. I thought it would be an infeccion for not cleaning that area after breastfeeding my baby. Unfortunatelly I stop breastfeeding because I was afraid of my daughter's health too, even that, it was very painful, My doctor told that it was nothing alarming, and I had to continue using the cream she told me to buy, that worked awesome. Then she ask me for the contraceptives I will be using, so I choosed the pill, Im not worried because fortunately, I used to remember when to take it.

    What makes me feel bad is that I had to stop breastfeeding because of the medication that the pill contains, it could be dangerous for the baby. Sometimes she looks for the breast and that makes feel even sadder. I know she will be ok with the formula from now on.

  • The best plan is the plan that works for you!  I'm glad you had a good appointment with your doc!


  • I'm glad you chose a contraception that you feel comfortable with and one that will work well with your lifestyle. It is always sad when you stop breastfeeding at first--even when they are a bit older. Just rest assured knowing she is still getting wonderful nutrition and you are able to feed her and bond with her. It is really horrible when your breasts hurt so much and I am glad the cream is working!



  • I'm sorry you needed a biopsy and i hope your results came back good... My Mirena didn't hurt at all when it was inserted. it wasn't any worse than having your cervix checked for dilation. I did have some light cramping on the drive home, but nothing bad. I suppose it's different for everyone though. But if you're afraid of a IUD then maybe check out the Nuva ring. it's a little higher maintenance but you're the one who puts it in and takes it out, so maybe this would ease your fears about pain. from what i understand it fits around your cervix so it wouldn't be going through to your uterus. you do have to be fitted for them though but i'm sure that's not any worse than a pap. anyway I hope every ones input has helped you along in coming to a decision. 

  • Thanks to everyone, but I alredy made my decision, I will keep the pill. It doesn't matter if I have to take it every day at the same hour, I feel comfortable with it. And Brinny, my paps results seem to be normal since that day, thanks for worring..