Tell me....

  • My husband is wonderful! He gets up every morning and works on something. It may not be his actual job, because he has very weird hours, but it is always something. And even though sometimes I feel like he puts everything else first, I still love that he has so many things he likes to do. He is also absolutely a wonderful daddy! When our daughter sees him she just lights up, and she's only four months old! Big Smile My all-time favorite thing about my hubby, however, is the way he holds me at night. Tell me your favorite thing about your husbands.

  • My favorite thing about my husband is the way he plays with the kids. Even though he is tired after a long day at work, he still seems to find time to take the kids for adventure walks, tossing the football around, or just teaching them how to ride their bikes. He is great with them and he tries to be so patient, even when they are all fighting over him. HE also seems to find time to work on the house and fix all the things that are broken..he is awesome!


  • Great post! My husband is a great daddy - he always plays and wrestles and teaches our little boy all kinds of "guy things" but the best part is that he is emotionally sensitive as well. He talks to our son about emotions and treating his mommy well and is very tender when he is sad and hurting. My husband also LOVES to be with us and would rather go out with us to the store or simple errands rather than stay home by himself. He is a great guy. :-)

  • I just LOVE this post, esp. in light of fathers day being tomorrow!  Keep posting ladies!!! Big Smile

  • Thank you for all of your posts! It is great to read about all of the great daddy's! I can't wait until our girl is older! I know my hubby will love playing with her! I also can't wait until we have a little boy, it'll be so much fun then! I love the way my husband grins at our girl, and watches her sleep even though he's so tired. He is so tender and gentle with her, it is absolutely wonderful!

  • So sweet. :-) I hope everyone had a good Father's Day! 

  • Being a father is not always easy, but it is the greatest part of my life. Like most Dads out there, I would be lost without my wife and all she does for our family. There is truth that behind every good man is a great woman, and on behalf of all of us fathers, thanks for putting up with us and being great mommys and spouses.

  • Awe, thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings answerdad, always love hearing your perspective!