1st Anniversary

  • So, this coming up Monday is our first anniversary, and I am in a quandary. We're tight on money right now, but I REALLY want to get my husband something for our anniversary. If anyone has an idea as to what I could get him for a first anniversary, please let me know! Thanks! Smile

  • This will sound so cheesy but it made a world of a difference to my husband. On our first wedding anniversary we were so pressed for cash I thought he'd get me something wonderful (as he always does) and id have nothing but a light popped on. I went to the dollar store bought maybe a hundred tea lights (( a bag is a dollar and they're beautiful when placed right) and lined our bedroom with them I then made dinner as always but served them on cute little plates that I also got from the dollar store, I bought him beers, a glass /mug to enjoy it with, nuts, candies, a beer opener, and every manly thing I could find lol, put it in a cute basket and wrapped it with cellophane.(all from the dollar store!!!!) I also gave him a blank card on which I wrote every feeeling ive had for him ever in, drew him a bath, massaged his back feet, and whatever else he wanted and let him do or have whatever he wanted for the rest of the night because it was his day to know how much I appreciated him. I also bought fake rose pedals to run from the door to our bedroom. I spent 20 bucks total. Not including food. I find it funny that my gift was so cheap but it means so much to him. He loves that darn glass lol
  • I love the idea of the beer basket. You could also make his favorite dinner and rent a fun movie for the two of you to watch. Sometimes it's about spending time together more than spending money.

  • There's a reason why it's the paper anniversary! Any thoughtful idea is a good idea. In addition to buying things, my wife does home-made things for me including putting together photo albums and making coupons that I can redeem. These coupons include massage requests, nights out and some things that I won't mention in this forum. Don't let money bum you out... your first anniversary is a special milestone and you should celebrate!