baby gender reveal?

  • I am having an ultrasound to find out the gender of my 2nd child and my husband wont be present being that hes working. Since my first child was thought to be an ovarian cyst(don't ask, makes me mad just thinking about it lol) we didn't have the pleasure ikf knowing her sex or about her until the doctor randomly said oh no....a heartbeat! Oh and we also thought she was a about a angry,traumatic, worried mom! Anywho...I want to reveal the sex of this baby in a special way because I didn't have that opportunity due to an idiot gyno with my first pregnancy.ITS REALLY IMPORTANT TO ME!! I had this idea of revealing it to him at a. Reveal party instead of a babyshower catch is everyone would know but him and he. Would have to guess based on the guests. He. Didnt spazz on me but I could tell when I excitedly brought up the idea that he wasn't fond of it because his response was "is that really what you want to do? Id like to know so I can buy things but...ok ". So I'm thinking just a quiet dinner with boy /girl themed food then a cake revealing the sex of the baby. I really want to include my 17 month old but I don't know how :( and everytime I ask my family for food ideas or any ideas they get mad I'm telling my husband first when I feel I should he did make this baby after all!!! If not attitude I get the old "hotdogs for a boy and hamburgers for girl" thing. Can someone PLEASE give me a way to reveal to my hubby what we are having in a sweet way? Or at least food ideas. It would mean so much to me.
  • Maybe he would like to find out with you. You could ask the doctor to write down what you are having on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. Then when you are both alone, you could open it together. 

  • I agree.. It'd be fair to the both of you. You could plan a gender reveal party. Have a cake made with either boy theme or girl theme and open at the party. 


  • I love MommyRN's suggestion! Good luck and congrats!

  • My cousin didnt get to know when she went in for her sonogram. The doctor told her friends and her friends did a revel party for both her and her husband. They did it with the cake, they decorated everything in pink and blue and just colored the inside of the cake.

  • I took mommyRN's advice and had the doctor put it on the ultrasound. I made him an elaborate dinner and b4 dessert we opened it to find we are having another beautiful GIRL!!!!!
  • sben10-

    Wonderful news! Congrats, I'm so happy for you!!

    Keep us posted,


  • Congrats!! So sweet that you guys had a little dinner together and found out in your own special way. :-) Glad it all worked out. :-)

  • I'm so glad you liked my idea and that it worked out for you! It is so amazing that you are having a beautiful little girl and I hope your husband was thrilled to find out with you. It sounds like you had a wonderful night!

  • What a perfect thing to do.  I had tears in my eyes when reading what you decided what to do (may have something to do with how I am emotional prego).  I'm so happy for you and your husband and wish you all the best.

  • My suggestion would be to wait until you go to bed and either wear something like a nice nighty in either blue or pink.Before hand maybe some candles,soo he does'nt suspect what you have planned.It is a very exciting and intimate moment,for both of you.You could also make your entrance with dessert for two either,blueberrie cheesecake,or strawberrie shortcakeWink

  • Thanks everyone!!! My hubby is soliloquy excited to have another little me running behind him! I don't think hes too excited about a ll the shoppig that comes along with her though. Lol( hi my name is Shanterria and I have a shopping problem lol) . He spilled the beans to his coworkers so before the news got to my parents I sent my father a bouquet of edible flowers, since I wasn't able to see him on fathers day :(, that had a card saying : I love you dad! I know that having Us girls was rather tough and that Even your best didn't seem good Enough. But to us dad u mean the World which is why you're the first In the family to know that ITS A GIRL!!!!!!! He was thrilled and so are we!!!!
  • That's so wonderful! I am so excited for you and what a great way to tell your father!

  • Great news Sben! I'm glad that you were able to feel comfortable and enjoy the excitement of another girl! Especially since your second girl already has a built-in best friend!

  • Aww, such a sweet way to tell your dad! I bet that made him feel very special. :-) Love all the creative ideas on here!