Pregnant 3 months after I just had a baby!

  • Me and my husband had a baby in April of this year.  We immediately decided that we would not have anymore because of the challenge we had during the labor of our recent son.  We used the app called "My Days" on our Iphones to monitor my ovulation and when it would be safe to have sex. 3 months after my son was born we found out I was pregnant again.  We had changed our minds about not having anymore children but we did not think that it would happen this quickly especially being so careful.  How do you cope with having 2 babies in diapers and keeping the stress down to a minimum?

    Thank you everyone for the responses.  Four months into our pregnancy we lost our unborn son we named him Caleb Israel. After 2 surgeries and months of healing God has filled the void and press on forward.  Thank you again for all the comments.

  • Oh good question.. My daughter was just born at the end of February and i couldn't imagine expecting another right now. I'm sure as time passes you will become more comfortable with the idea and feel better about having two so close together. I know i've seen some other moms on here post about the same situation as you so hopefully they will comment for you. All i know is i'd be buying an extra pack of diapers whenever you had the money. You can find decent clothes at once upon a child at a reasonable price and if you feel comfortable with it craigslist often has many good deals as well. I know i have found some decent stuff there and have also sold some of the things that my daughter no longer uses. Good luck and congrats on both of your babies.

  • Wow! That is an amazing story and I am sure you are still in shock from the news of being pregnant again so soon. While you may think it will be challenging, a lot of parents say that it isn't as bad as you think. You are already changing diapers, doing late night feedings, etc.. so you sort of stay in that mode. Your children will grow up very close together and most likely do everything at the same time or near the same time. Taking trips will be easier with two children so close together and while the first few years may be rough, you will have built in playmates for life!!! Congratulations!

  • I'd have to agree that I think this could be a great thing!  Think about how close your kids will be as they grow up.  I'd imagine that they will be close friends.  My best friends daughters are 18 months apart and she could not be happier.  She "did baby" and now is on to doing "toddler" and loves that she can move forward with each stage with her girls.

    Keep us posted and let us know how you are doing,


  • MommyRN4 and Jess_BabyRN both make great points. Come to think of it there are 13 months between my little sister and I and 18 months between my little sister and brother. All three of us are very very close and always were. I can remember my sister and I would play house and make our little brother the baby. Then we'd go to the creek and play in the water, fish, catch crawdads... Hide and seek in the cornfields and we even went on to having many of the same friends. Now that we're grown there isn't anything that we wouldn't do for one another. I'm sure your children will be the same.

  • Thank you very much for the positive feedback.  Me and brother are 9 months apart and eventhough we didn't grow up in the same house we are very close as well. I am praying that this baby is a boy since we already have two girls as well. The only thing that concerns me is that my husband is a twin and my mother was a twin and no one has had any twins in our generation as of yet. My siblings continue to say I will be the if so, so be it I'm sure it will be a great joy. I'm have began to embrace this pregnancy and thank God for it.

  • Just want to chime in and say that I'm glad you are adjusting to and embracing this pregnancy. It's not easy when you are so surprised like that! My co-worker had the exact same situation as you happen and her two little boys are now the best of friends. She was initially shocked and upset but now says it's the best thing that has happened to her. Let us know if we can support you in any other ways!

  • chrishaundamitchell, congratulations that's a very nice blessings. Many couples struggles to have a child but your lucky enough you have another child. So be happy and feel blessed.

  • Congratulations !  When we had our first son, money was tight and we had to put off even thinking of having a second child. Money's still tight, but we have our second son now and they are 7 years apart.  Hindsight being 20/20 I would have just gone for it and tried for our second sooner. You will really see something great with the 2 of them growing up at the same time and it will be amazing for them as they will have a sibling to not only play with, but to learn together.

  • Just wanted to check in and see how you are doing.  It was quite awhile ago that you posted.


  • Thank you very much we did loose the baby at 4 months but we are doing well thank you.

  • My wife is expecting twins in December.  She just had triplets last November and another set of triplets the December  before that.  In addition, we have 3 singletons before all the multiples began.  Our kids are very close and the older ones love to help with the younger ones. Many people say there should be a 3-5 year span between children, but that isn't what we chose and we are happy with our growing family.