Mother of 22 year old and five week old at 43 years

  • I was wondering if there are any moms that are starting over after not having a baby for many years? I will be 44 years old in October. I was a single mom for 20 years and got married 2 years ago. My husband and I tried and planned this pregnancy, it is his first baby. Our new baby is a little boy Asher he is five weeks old. My current friends that are my age have older children like my first child or they are grandchildren. I also am experiencing alot of negative feed back from people. Strangers, friends and family make comments about me starting over. I have been asked questions such as Was my baby a mistake or am  I crazy for starting over. I am not sure how to respond to those comments or even how to take it.

  • There are many parents on here that are starting over after many years. I haven't seen many that have a 22 year old yet.. most i have seen that are starting over have older children between the 8 and 14 age range, but it's still a big adjustment. In addition i think you will be surprised at how many "older" new moms there are on here as well. I am a new mom, however i am only 27... My little Hazel is almost 6 months already and rolling all over the living room with her toys as i write this. Congrats on your little one. Boy or Girl?

  • Thank you our new baby is a little baby boy name Asher. I have enjoyed him so much thus far. He is five weeks old. Things are going well. It is just hard to find women my age that have young children. My current friends have older children and some are grandparents now. People also make comments about me starting over again. Such comments and questions as "was the baby a mistake?" or even "Am i crazy for starting over why would I do that?". I am not sure how to take those comments or even how to respond. Congratulations on your new baby girl also. Babies are such a blessing.

  • Congrats on your baby and I love that name!  I'm sorry that people make such comments as there is no better time to raise a baby than when you are more stable financially, emotionally and support wise-all which come with age and time.  I have a lot of friends who have had babies in late 30s and 40s, one who was 51 when she had her twins!  Sounds like things are going well with your little one.  Keep us in the loop!


  • Don't listen to anyone.  I am 34 and expecting my first. My brother is 18 years older than me and my husbands sister is 19 years older than him.  Enjoy your life and your new love.

  • Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. Your statement is so true I have now graduated from college, have a career, a great husband and now a wonderful baby boy. Things are going well. My husband is thrilled to have his first and only son. Asher will keep us both young LOL.

    How old is your baby? boy or girl?



  • Congratulations to you. Thank you for sharing with me. My life with my husband and the new baby is great. When are you due? Do you know if you are having a boy or a girl?



  • Hi there,

    We don't know what we are having yet, we are due in March.  We are pretty excited!!!

  • Congrats on your little boy! I love the name Asher. :-) People are so rude sometimes and just don't think before speaking. I have several friends who are approaching 40 who have had additional children. One of my best friends has a child in college and a 1 year old. When people ask you if he was a mistake, I'd say something about how no child is a mistake and that he was very wanted and loved. If they ask if you are crazy, I'd just tell them they are rude! :-p It'd be kind of hard for me to bite my tongue! Haha - hang in there.

  • Are you kidding me, you are not crazy, you are blessed.  There will always be those who will have something negative to say but if you and your husband are happy then baby Asher was no mistake.  He is a blessing!  I'm 42 with a 5 wk old baby boy and I will not apologize for being blessed.  I will say, I'm grateful that no one has ever asked me those questions.  In my experience older career women are having babies later in life, my doctor specialized in pregnant women over 35.  Just enjoy your child!  Life is Good and babies are a joy!

  • What a great and positive response am0703, that is awesome advice! Big Smile


  • Hi Necee, we have similar stories.. Im 38 andd been a single mom for a long time with my 15 year old.. I recently remarried and my husband have no kids of his own.. We didn't plan this pregancy but I cant imagine life without her now.. Her name is Mia and she is 3 weeks old..My friends were ok with it but my family thought I was crazy and shut down on me for the most of my pregnancy. Having a baby is God's gift to us.. When people ask you silly questions, just let them know that you were blessed with Asher..

    "Motherhood is near divinity. It is the highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind." - Howard W. Hunter

  • Hi :).  I am 35 years old and having my second after 12 years.  My mother, who is now 52 (she would kill me if she knew I was given away her age;) had my youngest brother at 36, so I guess I am experiencing the same as she has, and I have to say, when I hang out with my 19 yr old lil'brother, I do not treat him any different than someone my age.  We are a pretty close family & we have all been around ground-ups all our lives, so, our characters are mature.  There is nothing wrong with having children at a mature age--Hey, at least by this point you have experienced some great things that life has had to offer, and now it's time enjoy those wonderful little packages that life has to offer, as well.

  • You will be fine its all about the love and caring. I am 42 and my wife is 40 we became foster parents a few years ago and now have 7 children. we adopted our beautiful little Angel Lynn on Jan 23rd of this year. we took custody of her when she was 8 days old 10 weeks early and 1 lb 13 oz. never knew there could be that much love for someone you don't even know. We also just got an early Christmas present on tuesday a 4 month old girl I am already in love with. we have 3 biological daughters 18, 16, 12 an adopted son 12, 2 adopted daughters 15, and 2 and now the new baby. you can do it, comes from the heart CONGRAT'S on your new son and many years of happiness