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  • I am a 1st time mom and have a 4 month old baby. I can't wait to share my experience with you all and hear about your experiences as well Big Smile

  • Congrats on your little girl! How is motherhood treating you? What parts do you love and which parts do you find hardest? I think I was surprised by some of those nights where my little boy just cried and there was nothing I could do but rock him and wait for him to finish crying. I thought I'd be able to fix everything with nursing him or walking him! I'm looking forward to getting to know you and so glad you found us on StrongMoms. :-)

  • Hello :) I'm glad someone actually wrote back :) As for your questions,  I love motherhood! it's so rewarding. Everyday I wake up, there's always something new with her. For the past few day she's been touching her feet with her hands and is growing her first tooth :) I already bought her a high chair, just waiting for the docs ok to start feeding her solids. There is so much variety when it comes to baby food. I am going to try organic foods when I start. It's so exciting! 

    What I find hardest is getting enough sleep since my little one wakes up at least 2 to 3 times to feed and go back to sleep during the night. I haven't had a good 7 to 8 hours since she was born. But what cheers me up, is seeing her smile every morning :)

    How old is your little one? My daughter just turned 4 months. I haven't had an episode with her when she would just cry and cry, and she was inconsolable. I'm the one that can almost always calm her down. Even her dad can't calm her down sometimes. 

    I also cloth diaper my little one. What I find hardest is cleaning each diaper. I hand wash and researching better ways to save money and wash my cloth diapers. So far I've found a few videos in Youtube that can help me. 

    I hope to hear about your little one and you soon. And thank you for responding. What things have you bought that you found useful to help his development? Any toys? or chairs? or mats? (brands) I am also interested in play groups for my daughter but haven't found any around my neighborhood. Do you know how I can find out about any play groups near me? 

    Thanks a lot :) hope to hear from you soon :)





  • Wanted to offer another welcome to the site!  I'm so glad that you found our board, you will find this a super supportive and helpful site.  Congrats also on that baby!  Wonderful news. :)

    Looking forward to getting to know you better,


  • Congrats Wendy! Is there someone around who you trust to care for the baby so you can squeeze in a 7-8 hour sleep? You will be amazed how just one continuous stretch of uninterrupted sleep can re-charge your batteries? I realize that at this point, it may be difficult to relinquish control for even one night, but if you can arrange for this, I would be willing to bet you will notice a significant bump in your energy. Either way, your sleep deprivation does not seem to have dampened your enthusiasm regarding motherhood. Good luck!

  • Sorry I didn't see your response earlier! My little boy is just about 3 years old and I'm expecting my second boy any day now. I feel your pain about lack of sleep. It's definitely one of the challenging parts of motherhood! Naps are a lifesaver! :-) 

    Love that you cloth diaper - I've always wanted to but my husband is not on board with the idea and that kind of kills it! I've got lots of friends who cloth diaper and just love it - it definitely seems like a trial and error thing to find the diapers and cleaning methods you like. I'm sure you'll get it. 

    I think as far as development goes, I found that I just googled some websites about fun activities you can do by age range with your kids. I initially stressed about "stimulating" my child enough and then just realized that my being with him and interacting with him throughout the day was most of what he needed. We take walks to parks, go to the library and read, etc. For your little girl, one thing my son loved at age 4-6 months was laying on his back while I blew bubbles over him. We also would lay on our backs and turn the lights off, then take a flashlight and move it around on the ceiling. He loved to follow it with his eyes. Hope these ideas help a bit! :-)