I was originally due November 30 but i went into labor 11 weeks early September 13

  • I was so shocked when i found out i was in labor!! Surprise I was 11 weeks early. I was kind of scared at 1st but since i was past the 7 month mark I wasn't too afraid. My baby is fine though. Still in the NICU but she is doing SO WELL. Has anyone had this experience?

  • Welcome to Strongmoms!  I bet you were surprised to learn you were in labor a bit early, and I am so glad that your baby is doing well in the NICU.  I do not have a premie myself, but worked night shift in the NICU as an RN for some time.  I LOVED the NICU as our kiddos grew, gained weight, bonded with their families and went home healthy happy kiddos.  It sounds like your little one is on that same game plan!  I hope that you will keep us posted as to how things are progressing, and then the big trip home. :)

    I'm looking forward to getting to know you and baby better,

    Keep us in the loop,


  • Congrats on your little girl! What is her name? I have not personally gone through this but, as a NICU nurse, I have worked with a lot of families who have had their baby early. I'm glad you are hanging in there and that she is doing so well. Are you able to visit and spend time with her? What are your big questions or fears that you have? I'd love to know how we can support you! 

  • That is so awesome that your little one is doing well. I am a NICU nurse and so I have seen these little guys first hand. They are such fighters and there is so much the NICU can do to help them develop over the next few months. Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

  • Hi!!


    My baby girl is still doing well. she is 3 pounds 12.3oz now :). she is doing well but has ocassional drops in her oxygen, nothing really scary. she does well with her feedings also..  i hope she is able to come home soon!

  • Her name is Kailynn :)

    And i have been seeing her every single day and if i can i go 2 times a day.

    My only thing i am worried about are the Desats,her oxygen level, she is having. She is gaining weight and everything. But i think the oxygen is what would keep her in the hospital longer

  • thank you :) i am doing very well. just waiting to know when the little one can come home

  • hello, 

    my name is stacy and i am glad to hear you and your baby are doing well. I just brought my son home from the NICU 10/10/12. I was one of the scariest things i have been through. I am a new mom, and now we have monitors and everything. Just remember she is in the best place for her and she needs your milk now more than ever your body knows shes early and will make the adjustments. I due not produce enough for him however every lil bit helps he improved so much. also the hospital will send her home with monitors to help you out when she is ready. best of luck. :)

  • I went through it as well and yes it is vert scary desats trasfusions surgeries feeding. I recently brought my baby home after bein in the nicu for 4 1/2 mos. I also would go everyday and sometimes only leave for shift change. Your baby knows you are there just by your voice and your scent. I use to read to my baby while he was in the nicu it made me feel connected and i knew he was listening. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I wish you your baby and your family the best she will in your arms home in no time. One day at a time. :-)

  • CONGRATULATIONS STACY!!!! How old is your baby? 

    I brought my baby home from the nicu 5/22/12 i drank hot chocolate to help bring more milk in and it worked for me.

  • thank you he is 19days :) i will try the hot coco i seem to b making less now that he is home lol im so happy to have him tho i was very lucky we knew from the begining i was a ticking time bomb so we were ready

  • I had a premie baby at 30 weeks she was born 2.0lbs.. the NICU is amazing even tho I didnt like to see my baby in the condishion she was in..she is now 2 1/2 mos and is finally been home for 3weeks..its so amazng now that she is home Im so relived now..wow the tecnology they have nowa days...saved me and my babys Girls life! Its nice to see im not alone!


  • Wow thats great you knew ahead of time but still scary. Do you have any other children. I had no idea what was going on with me and i thought my symptoms were normal being my first pregnancy.

  • Congrats 4audrena! I would have to agree with you the nicu is amazing even though none of us wanted to be there. I had my son at 22wk and he has been home for 5 mos and he is 9mos 5mos adjusted. I wish you the best with your little one.

  • I was told it was normal but I couldnt take the pain anymore. No i dont my first and not the best expirance but I learned it can always be worse. I did to, they gave me a 40% chance to live and told me that she wasnt gunna make it..i had preclamsia, low platelettes and my liver was failing i got transfered to a high risk hospital I was in the hospital for a week and she was in for 2mos!