I was originally due November 30 but i went into labor 11 weeks early September 13

  • congrats to your lil boy. No not the place i would want to be again but im at very high risk now for all pregnancys. How much did he waigh? Thank you, she is truly my pride and joy.

  • 4audrena4mama - WOW - what a story! You and your little girl are BOTH fighters. So fabulous to hear that you are both doing well. It really is amazing what medicine can do these days and how much it can help. I can sense the pride in your words when you talk about your little girl. So sweet! 

  • no he is my only and i find out on the 5th if i have to hVe a historectomy or not. ( not sure on spelling). it was scary the doctor told me we were playing chicken with a train. im just lucky we won not the train lol :)

  • Wow thats amazing! I agree definately not the best and not what i expected. Yes it can always be worse. I only had 10% chance i have an incompetent cervix and my body was in labor from 18 wk continuous contractions bulging water bag and he was breech. I was in for 1mo him 4 1/2 mos. Ithink its amazing enough that as women the things our bodies go through with babies but in these amazing situations like your is really unbelievable and true mircle babies.

  • WOW You all have amazing stories about your life. Being  a younger mom its amazing Ive hurd so many stories about the NICU I never knew what it was until i had my lil one. You meet so many peopel who have had the same thing that you did or something not as bad or Something completely worse! you see lil ones in there that have arent getting out anytime soon. Made me cry! How intence it can all be i thought you go in there have your baby you go home....I didnt know there can be complications (Now I do).

  • @143binox2 thank you :)

    how early did you go into labor?

    And she is 36 weeks gestational... 

    I pump milk so she can get all the vitamins she needs instead of drinking formula

  • Congrats 4audrena!

    What condition was she in when she was born?

    Did she have to be on Cpap or anything?

  • OMG 4audrena! That is so scary! Thank goodness you made it through that. you're a trooper

  • 4Audrena exactly! i have met people whose baby's have been in the NICU for more than 2 months! And their baby's have so many complications and having to get surgeries and all. I know this lady who had her son at 25 weeks!!! so crazy. I never thought i would have experienced this especially on my 1st pregnancy!

  • @ginaia i went into labor at 18 weeks and he was born at 22 weeks 5days

  • 143binox2 - WOW - 22 weeks 5 days? What a story you have! So happy for you that your little one is home. I'm amazed what fighters these little babies are. Congrats. :-)