1st time dad here,

  • Anybody have any recommendations for a first time dad?

  • Hello Kinzley... I am the father of three little girls and we are expecting our fourth child in February. I'm not sure that you can ever truly feel prepared as a first time Dad... I was 37 when we had our first, and I was overwhelmed by the whole experience. I would say leading up to your partner's due date, try to do some guy things, like taking a guys weekend away or something of that nature and don't feel guilty about sleeping in! If you are tired and want to sleep until noon or take frequent naps, then go for it because sleep will never be the same! Birthing classes were helpful for me to attend with my wife to know what to expect. In terms of the actual delivery, just be ready to roll with the punches and understand that as soon as labor starts, you need to be assertive as the father and take charge of the situation. After birth is a whole other ballgame! Congratulations... when is your partner expecting?

  • I'm glad to see that Answer Dad found you! He has some great advice. It is always nice to see dads on the message boards and we love to get the guy's perspective on things. Feel free to jump in the conversations and let us know what the dads think about all of this stuff! Welcome to Strong Moms!

  • I'm a first time dad also at 21 I have a 5 month old son and I did some parenting classes at my local Sharp Hospital. It was great. Biggest recommendation to you just feel comfortable around your baby. At such a young age infants feel your emotions so when your stressed uncomfortable anything of that sort its going to make the baby feel the same way. Be happy and enjoy your time  as a new father and congrads man.

  • Welcome!! Love seeing dads on here! I'd recommend taking a class at your hospital on newborn care to help you feel comfortable taking care of your baby. I'd also take a labor and delivery class so that you know what to expect when the baby is getting ready to come! However, even taking all those classes can still leave you with moments where you don't know what to do. The important thing is to remember that your baby needs your love and reassurance and presence in his/her life. You will figure things out along the way. Often a baby is really attached to mom for the first year at least, so don't be too discouraged if it seems like baby is all about mom. They will soon LOVE playtime and being around you as well. Hope this helps a bit!