breakups and the baby

  • my boyfriend (baby daddy) aznd i broke up and i moved back in with my parents we still get along but im afraid the constand moving from my house to her dads will make her unsetteled, what can i do to make her more comfortable and happy?

  • There's really nothing you can do except stop the moving around. Do whats best for you and her. Trust me I am in a similar situation only the baby isn't even here yet! I got 1 month to go. But back to you if the reason is a reoccurring one of you guys needing to split maybe it would jut be better if you were without him. Better yet have him come to you!!

  • He needs to come to you so you don't have to keep moving around. Your child needs a stable environment. Which brings me to if your separating for the same reason than chances are it won't change and your best on your own. Believe me I am in a very similar situation and the baby is almost here!

  • I'm a father of a 5 month old in the same situation but from the fathers point of view. You should probably stay at your parents house cause right now if the two of you are not getting along enough for you to stay living with him than you don't want to bring a baby into this world with a situation like that. Also don't sacrifice your happiness for anyone. Right now your baby should be your main concern and not anyone else. The baby feels your stress and your happiness so out with the angry and hate and make sure your all smiles. Congrads on the baby also you having a boy or a girl?

  • Talk to your ex about coming up with a schedule that you can both live with. Discuss similar parenting strategies and try to have some of the same toys and blankets at both houses. In time, your little one will get used to both environments and thrive, but it is important to find a schedule you can remain consistent with. Good luck!

  • I am having a boy due next month. There are just some matters that arise that are really out of our hands. He stresses and then I tend to stress seeing him stressed and then he is mellow again.  My baby is my main concern and if anything I boot him out!  I let him do all the barking and I just tune him out for that very reason of my baby feeling it all right now.

  • I'm glad you and your ex can still get along and both parent your new baby. That is tremendously important. I'd encourage you to talk things out and be on the same page with routines such as bedtime and naptime routines. Consistency will really be the key. If you find that your baby is not doing well with all the back and forth, consider putting your baby's needs first and have the father come to your house for visits and time with your daughter. Hang in there-nothing is easy to figure out at first but you will do the best for your daughter. :-)