Best date night ever! Share your stories!

  • We all love date night, but sometimes they can get a little stale. Once, my husband and I attended a Cardinals game and ate seafood in the city just to spice things up a bit. We even stayed late to watch fireworks! What is the best date night you’ve had recently? -- Bonnie, Strongmoms Facilitator


  • Great question Bonnie! Believe it or not, what was once a routine date night - dinner & a movie - has become such a treat for us! We rarely get the 5 hours or so required to enjoy a good movie and a relaxing dinner!

  • My husband and I got to attend an NFL preseason game - so much fun! We also really love just getting coffee and playing cribbage at the coffee house. We are pretty competitive, so games are one of our favorite things to do. I'm thinking of creating a scavenger hunt for our next date night - some friends of ours did that and had a blast! 

  • I don't guess many people would consider it a date night but I'd like to share mine too. My husband and I are going through hard times...well we've been going through hard times...but one very long day that started with our electric getting cut off, led to us selling a good vehicle(a truck that meant the world to my husband) for a simple $400.00 to pay the electric the next day since we were already too late to catch the ele. company. So we go home, it's freezing and pitch black!! My husband decides to order pizza out of our simple $400. We lit every candle we had, found our flashlights and ate our pizza under a blanket in the living room w/our candles and flashlights. I started crying that life is just too hard and we weren't ever going to get ahead etc. So my husband laughed at me and said "I'd rather eat pizza in the dark w/you than eat steak in a mansion w/anyone else. Like I said some may not consider it a date...but finding love like that in the "darkest of times" was the best date I've ever been on!

  • I just thought of another example and had to share! A few years ago, my wife and I were headed out to dinner and she surprised me with a weekend away at a bed & breakfast in Cooperstown, NY at the Baseball Hall of Fame. It was a complete and utter shock that our quiet dinner turned into a wonderful long weekend!

  • Notyabuisness, 

    That is an amazing story and it brought tears to my eyes. Life can be hard, but knowing you have someone to walk through the hard times with is so important. I am so glad you shared that moment with us. There are many moms out there that are in similar shoes, and can draw inspiration from your marriage. The little things in a marriage are what matter the most!