New Mommy.

  • Never wanted to be one, but now i get the gift that keeps on giving hehehe. I'm excited i'm having a boy and just found this site, having other mothers at a message length seems like it would be really nice. So Hello ALL :D

  • Congrats! Sounds this little man was a surprise but a good one! Little boys are so wonderful - I have two and they are a constant source of entertainment. Life is changes drastically when you have children but it's so worth it! Do you have any names picked out? Looking forward to getting to know you better. :-) 

  • Wow, what a surprise!  Congrats!  I think you are right-having a group to check in with is a great thing.  I think you will find this site very supportive and a good place to get questions addressed.  Let us know how things are going and keep us up to date!

    -Congrats again,


  • Congratulations and welcome to Strong Moms! You will find a lot of amazing advice here on the message boards and you can connect with other mothers who are in your same position! Good luck and congratulations again!

  • I felt the same way when I found out I was pregnant. I wasn't ready for a baby and wouldn't be for a while. But after I gave birth and looked in my son's bright eyes, all my worries went through the windows. It's been an exciting and interesting 9mnts and I wake up everyday anxious to know what he'll do do next. 

  • RagdollvX-

    I wanted to check in with you as it's been a few weeks since you posted.  We would love an update!