New to Similac site-- tips please :)

  • Hello,

    I am a young mother of a special son was diagnosed with Down syndrome shortly after his birth. He was unable to breastfeed for very long so he is now on Similac Advance. We go through formula like crazy...due to him dribbling a lot out of his mouth when eating, and also him just loving to eat :) I signed up here to get coupons and tips on feeding! He is now 4 months old and healthy. He is small for his age due to him not getting enough from breastfeeding in the early weeks of his life. 

    I just signed up for this site a few minutes ago...any tips or helpful hints anyone has for me?

    Thanks much!!

  • mamaofanangel -

    Let me be the first to welcome you to strongmoms.  I smiled reading your post as having worked as a pediatric nurse for many years I have so many wonderful memories of caring for kiddos with downs at both summer camps and in the hospital.  I am laughing sitting here remembering a summer camp cabin in which i had 6 campers, 2 with downs.  Those two 12 year old girls and I had so much fun, and laughed so much.  oh gosh the stories!  So, I am so happy that you are starting to see the joy of knowing, of caring for, and in your case in being a parent of a child with downs.  

    I think that you will find strong moms a great place to come with questions, concerns, to share happy reports and for support.  It sounds like you are aware of the benefits so far as formula already.  :)  

    I look forward to getting to know you better and learning more about your baby as well,


  • Welcome! I hope you find lots of good support and encouragement on here! I have worked with lots of kids with Down Syndrome and also have some friends with DS. Have you had a chance to work with a speech therapist/occupational therapist? They can give you some great tips and hints regarding feeding your little man! Kids with DS usually have low tone and often can benefit from some chin support while bottle feeding, etc. Hopefully you have some therapists who can show you the tricks and techniques! What's your little boy's name? Glad you found us here on StrongMoms! 

  • I do currently have a physical therapist coming to our home about every other week and that has been extremely helpful!! We will be starting speech and occupational therapy sometime next spring (Mar/Apr/etc) My little boys name is Rowan :) Thanks for the replies everyone!

  • You are really on top of things!  So glad you are getting some of those therapies in place now, that is terrific.  I also wanted to say that I love the name you chose for your son, very cool!


  • I second that - great name! Glad you are joining us on here. :-) 

  • Maybe this will help... I had  ababy I watched that had alot of problems with losing alot of formula out the sides of her mouth do to a swallowling problem that was later taken care of by surgery but they suggested us using sippie cups and it worked great. She was the same age as your little one. I also want to say I love D/S kids they are just so loving and accepting of others. Im glad you know already you have a special angel. God only sends them to special moms.

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