Post Pregnancy Constipation

  • I am a new mom.  My baby girl is now 2 weeks old.  She is a dream and we are super lucky. 

    The issue is really with me.  I have not been able to go to the bathroom normally.  I got home and my OB said to try Senekot which helped me go but only once.  Then 3 days later I was at a loss so I tried an at home enema which worked but now into the second week and I am still not back to normal.

    Has anyone else had this problem?  I just took another enema because after 7 days its way too uncomfortable but I don't want to be taking these all the time and fall into any bad habits. 

    Any advice for a new NJ mom who simply wants her own bathroom routine to be back to normal?? 

  • Hi

    Congrats to you on your baby girl. Have you tried an over the counter stool softener? I am also a new mommy with a baby girl and with the stool softener and prunes I am not really constipated. Good luck to you :)

  • could it be that you're not getting enough water, fiber, or fruit.. or maybe too much dairy

  • Thanks for the tips.

    I am not sure what it is!  I have decided to eat more vegetables and like it was mentioned, to cut out the dairy.  Let's see what happens.  I hope soon I am back to normal because with all the new things in life to enjoy this is definitely something I want to stop worrying about.

  • Constipation can just make you feel lousy! Sad  I'm so sorry that you are dealing with this.  What is different now than pre-baby..Are you taking pain medications?  Pain medications can definitely make you constipated (narcotics), so getting off them and onto just tylenol will help.  Other things that help with consitpation:

    1-Get moving.  Your bowels contract to help food and stool move through them.  The more immobile you are the quieter your bowels get.  To get them moving walking is one of the best things you can do.  If you are having pain or weakness going for short walks throughout the day will work great.  No marathons needed.

    2-Increase fluid intake. drink drink drink.  Non-caffeinated beverages will help the most.

    3-Increase intake of high fiber foods.  So vegetables are great.  Also fiber one cereal, oatmeal, popcorn...  There are also fiberone bars that people swear by.  

    4-Avoid constipating foods-so high intake of cheese, bananas, rice, high carb intake.  

    5-Talk to your doctor about medications.  You may need a bit of medication support daily.  There are lots of good options so far as medications that draw water into the bowel (stool softeners), as well as meds that help with that bowl contraction I talked about in number 1-the senna.  Your doctor is the best one to give you advice on meds so I'll leave that to her/him.

    Good luck and hope you are feeling better soon,


  • Cath1234-Any luck? I hope some of these ideas have helped. Constipation is the worst. I had to take Zofran with my pregnancies and it was NOT a good side effect to deal with. Hope all is better for you! 

  • All the tips are great.  Unfortunately I am still the same!

    I decided to try to not to focus on it so much and do all the things recommended so thanks again.    

    Being in NJ its been tough to get out of the house with the weather.  My husband is great but he is now back at work so I can't walk just me so yesterday I "manned up" and  my new daughter and I dressed up and went for a walk.  It was great!

    Now, my only hope is that it will help and if not I will have to use the same stuff as before (ducolax did work) if by the end of the week I am not back to normal.  I talked to my OB but it was clear they didn't really have much more to offer in terms of help. 

    I guess this is a side effect for me from delivery....

  • Did you talk with your doctor? There are plenty of over the counter products that work differently, so just because one did not work doesn't mean that another one won't. There are powders, gel caps, and even suppositories. Make sure you talk with your doctor if you get really uncomfortable.

  • Thanks to everyone again for the advice.  I think what I just needed was some time to let my body heal.  I am now back to normal.  Thank goodness! 

    In addition, I chatted with a wife of my husband's friend and she made me feel much better.  She had a very rough delivery and even had to see a specialist to get back to normal.  For her it took 1 1/2 to 2 months.  I can't even imagine.

    I guess my symptoms are just something that happens with labor and delivery and it was great to be able to post this and talk to others. 

  • Yeah in most case it really happened Cath1234 the healing process takes time. Just eat a lot of fiber and drink a lot of water.

  • Cath1234- So glad things are back to normal. It's nice to have people who understand all the crazy stuff that happens when having a child, isn't it?? Hope everything goes smoothly from here on out!