My mom was right

  • Now that I have kids, I realize how wise my mom really is and how much I appreciate all her advice! This certainly wasn’t the case when I was younger. ;-) What are some things you’ve come to appreciate about your own mother since becoming a parent?  -- Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Her strength, and who she is. I was born when my mom was 15, then my sister 13 months later, and my brother 18 months after that. Not only did it take a lot of courage for her at 15 to decide to raise me, but it took a tremendous amount of strength for her to put her life and youth aside to do right by her three children. She never wavered on doing what's best for us. She worked two jobs at all times, and never left us with our grandparents or aunts and uncles so that she could go out and party or hang out with friends. Sure she isn't perfect, but she's the best mom that I could have ever asked for.

  • That's an awesome reflection of one strong strong lady Brinny.  Thanks so much for sharing.  I'm so glad that you are able to take her strengths and carry them forward in your life.


  • I appreciated not only my mother but my father as well. They raised us to become a good individual. When I was born my mother stopped working and focus to become a plain housewife even of a high salary offered to her just to take good care of me. And when I was  1 yr. old and 8 mths my mother born my sister next to me and still manages her two kids. I know that's difficult to manage 2 kids at a time but I salute my Mom for doing that. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOM. You mean a lot to me.

  • And as of now that I am a Mom just like my mother, I also do all my best to raised my child the best way I can. I know we are not perfect but at least we do our best. Although as of now, we need to sacrifice a lot of things but after all its all worth it.

  • I never realized how much of herself she gave up everyday just to raise all of us. I also never realized how much she had to juggle until I had to do the same. 

  • So great to read these replies. We've got some seriously amazing moms out there who really sacrificed for us! I think, for myself, I have realized how much my mom dealt with ungrateful, whining kids (such as myself at times) who didn't understand how much she gave up her own comforts for ours. I'm amazed at the grace with which she handled our self centeredness at times. Pretty amazing. 

  • I think what I most feel is that I am lucky to have had two loving and thoughtful parents. I realize that my mother sacrificed much for me and my siblings and that she always put us first. Unfortunately, that used to seem like a given among parents, but I've come across many who do not and I feel fortunate that I had a mother who did everything with us in mind. Thanks mom!