Staying physically active in winter

  • During the warmer months, we get our kids out to the local playground or park many times each week. With the dog days of winter upon us and having just spent a month eating every fattening food imaginable, I am concerned about the lack of opportunities my kids get to stay active. How do you keep your kids active in the dead of winter? --Chris, Strongmoms facilitator

  • Well as mentioned in the social activities post there is always mall play areas you can go to.. you could always check with a local YMCA to see if they have any winter activities so your kids can play... and personally for my daughter i am going to enroll her in a gymnastics or dance class so that she can interact with other children, learn to follow direction, and be active outside of the house.

  • I live in the pacific northwest, it rains 365 days a year...well maybe just 300.  Anyway in the dark winter days this is a real problem. I often suggest going to the malls as they have indoor play areas.  We also have a place that has an entire huge "warehouse sized" trampolin room.  Kids and adults can go and jump to their hearts desire.  I'm hoping that with our obesity problems in the US more places like this will open.


  • I belong to a gym that has an amazing kids room. They go there to play while I get a chance to work out too! 

  • You guys are all having a nice activity during winter times. 

  • Great suggestions... my gym also has a big play room... but I guess I need to be more physically active in winter as well, because my kids haven't been there much. I guess this is my chance to model good behavior!

  • Well you can tell how often i get to the gym, I had no idea that gyms had play areas!  I think that is a great idea!