Thank you to family member

  • I’ve often written on the boards about my wife’s aunt, who retired from her job to basically look after our kids. She saves us a fortune in daycare and provides the kind of peace of mind you get from knowing your babies are with a trusted loved one. Despite this help, we are on a very tight budget. I am trying to think of a thoughtful gift to present her as a token of our appreciation, but I am stumped. Does anyone have any suggestions?  --Chris, Strongmoms facilitator

  • Well i would suppose that would depend on your budget. You could do anything from a nice dinner out, to a gift certificate for a spa day, gift certificate for a manicure/ pedicure (.. Most women love to be pampered so you really can't go wrong there. You could even get her tickets to see a play (assuming there is a theater where you live).  if a play isn't available maybe treat her to a movie and lunch, flowers and a card, maybe take her to do something she is really interested in (for me it would be the museum, quilt show, something along those lines). Really when it comes to being thoughtful a little can go a long way so long as it isn't for an ulterior motive.  If none of these ideas work for you i hope they can at least get your "wheels" turning with one that will.

  • Often times the most thoughtful gifts are the unexpected ones. My husband used to talk about this coffee mug he was supposed to get when he was a kid for buying a Fisher bike. He never got it and always wished he did. I contacted the company and found that coffee mug and had them ship it to me. He was soooo surprised to get it 20 years later! 

    If you don't know something like this, then you could get her some pampering time such as a night out or a massage gift pack or something fun like that.

  • I think experiences really are the best type of gift. Perhaps a fabulous day trip to the beach, a great picnic, and a special dessert to cap off the day this coming spring/summer would be something fun to do. Take a bunch of pictures and print them off into a scrapbook for her! Little things like that make the best memories. Another idea might be to go get portraits done with her and the kids and frame them nicely for her! That would let her know how special she is in your family. :-)