I'm a dad not a mom!

  • Hi everyone,

    My wife and I just had a baby girl on 2/25.  We both due our research but I was the first one to get to Similac's site so I'm now a StrongMom.  Ryan is our first baby so I hope my questions don't seem silly.

  • Well Congrats and welcome to the site! we have lots of dads here and the number of men seem to be increasing recently. I personally love to hear the guys point of view on things so feel free to jump in anywhere you see fit. And don't feel embarrassed about any questions you have, after all this is your first baby so no one expects you to know it all or be perfect (from what i understand it's still a learning experience after the second and third and.... babies too). We are here to lend support and advice when needed so take advantage of us.

  • WELCOME to the site!  We do have several dads that post so hopefully you will meet up!  Congrats also on your new baby, that is very exciting. :)

    Take a look around at all our boards, I'm sure you will find some new friends, answers to your questions and a place to come for support and learning,

    Keep us posted on how things are going with your new baby,


  • I am proud to see fathers on Strong Moms and I am proud to be a male facilitator of the site. I really have great pride in the resource that Strong Moms has become for so many people. The needs and questions of contributors to the site range from silly to ultra serious, but all parents know that there is no such thing as a bad question when it comes to the general health and well being of our children. Welcome aboard and let your wife know she is welcome too!

  • Welcome! How is Ryan doing? Such a cute name! Hopefully  he is letting you get a little sleep. Congrats on your sweet little guy and I look forward to getting to know you better! 

  • Congrats on the new baby!!! Your questions will not seem silly at all I just had my second child and I still have a thousand and one questions!!!!

  • Same here... I have four kids and each one has presented different challenges and raised issues that have prompted us to seek advice of other parents on Strongmoms...